“Because I now do CD signings after most of my concerts, I have gotten the chance to meet even more fans as I travel around the country. As always, I am amazed by the kindness and good spirit of the people I meet, amused by their variety of phone covers... :), and touched by the effort they make to get in their cars and drive sometimes very long distances to fill the seats and give back so much to me and to my guys in the band. We all appreciate it as it is the food, fuel, and life blood that makes a show happen. As 2015 ends and 2016 begins, I want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas, a Happy Holiday and an Amazing New Year!”    ~Linda

Fans in completely different areas of the country were thrilled that Linda was going to bring her show to back to Morristown, New Jersey and San Francisco, California, and for the very first time, to Lufkin, Texas. Each audience was enthusiastic and made Linda and her incredible band members feel welcome and appreciated.

Those fans who wished to meet Linda at each venue were not disappointed as she stayed to meet each person, take photos, and sign autographs. As fans exited each venue, they could be heard remarking on Linda’s amazing voice as well as her generosity and kindness.

NOVEMBER 13, 2015

Melissa Jensen from New Jersey writes…

Fans Melissa Jensen (left), Moira Ryan and Allana Mariano with Linda

As Linda took the stage at Mayo Performing Arts Center on Friday, November 13th, chills ran up and down my spine. Even though this was not the first time I had seen Linda in concert, I couldn't contain myself. As I looked over to see the look on the faces of the two friends that had come with me I smiled, remembering what it was like seeing Linda for the first time many years ago.

I was introduced to Linda Eder’s music around age 16 when my dance teacher used “No One Knows Who I Am” for a combination. Her voice inspired and moved me. When I danced to her music it was like nothing I had ever felt before. Then it happened, I was able to see her perform live in “Jekyll & Hyde” on Broadway. Just when I thought her voice could not be more beautiful or moving, I was proven wrong. I saw “Jekyll & Hyde” twice after that. From that moment on, whenever Linda was in the area my mom and I just knew we had to go see her. We have seen her in NYC, New Brunswick, Newark, and Morristown more times than I can count. 

As Linda always does, she blew me away during her Morristown show. Her voice is so clear and crisp. Her stage presence and “realness” during her show make her stand out above the rest. The relationship between her, her musicians and her audience is truly genuine and touching. Linda’s music has served as inspiration for choreography, has been a bonding experience between my mom and I, and so much more. In collaboration with another dance teacher and friend, Allana Mariano, we choreographed a piece to “If I Had My Way” that was able to touch our students, their parents and many audiences.                 

Linda’s music gets me through many difficult times. Her voice soothes and inspires so many. And just like all the times before, Linda was flawless during her Morristown show. Her beautiful voice and spirit filled the theater and touched everyone. Her rendition of “Over the Rainbow” closed the show with a moment of dedication to those involved in the tragedy in Paris, bringing the audience to tears. I want to thank Linda for always showing her true emotions through her music and her shows. Linda leaves her audience changed and that is a true gift.

Brian Wells from New Jersey writes…

Anyone who has ever heard Linda Eder sing knows that she is one of the best popular music vocalists of our time. Not only is the quality of her voice unparalleled, but she simply cannot be touched for power and range. Linda has been compared to Barbra Streisand, Celine Dion, and other extremely talented singers, but although the comparisons are understandable and justifiable, in my opinion none of those artists bring all of the talents that Linda brings to the stage. Don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of Barbra, Celine, Whitney, Laura Branigan, and other greats, and my opinion is not a put-down of any of these amazing talents. But I know what I hear, and there can only be one best of the best, and for me… Linda is it.

Linda’s performance at the Mayo PAC in Morristown, NJ was among her best performances ever, and she hasn’t missed a beat or lost a step in the years we have been fans (ever since her performance in Jekyll & Hyde on Broadway back in ‘97). Do yourself a huge favor and put a live Linda Eder performance on your bucket list of must do things. Nobody, but nobody, brings the combination of vocal quality, power and range to the stage that Linda does. Check out her schedule on her web site and get your tickets early. Linda has a large following of loyal fans who snatch up tickets to her performances well in advance because every show is sold out.

If you have a bucket list, be sure to add a live performance by Linda Eder, in my humble opinion the best popular female singer of our time… bar none.  Incomparable vocals combine with unbelievable power and range and a stunning stage presence. Her performance at the Mayo PAC in Morristown NJ was a tour de force, one of the best performances we have seen from Linda, and we have seen quite a few. She and her orchestra selected an excellent repertoire from Broadway musicals, a few torch songs, and a few of her originals that delighted the packed house audience. Linda has been compared to Barbra Streisand and I will add the likes of Celine Dion, Whitney Houston and Laura Branigan, but there can only be one best of the best and Linda is it.

NOVEMBER 20 - 22, 2015

Fan Joan Converse with Linda

Joan Converse from Arizona writes…

Small & intimate
My favorite type of venue to see this star
The lights dim
The familiar notes start to play
Please welcome to the stage...
Applause Applause
The voice begins to fill the air~One Christmas in London...
The flick of her wrist
The unfolding of her index finger pointing just at you~for the briefest of moments
Her twinkling eyes meet with yours & she raises her brows
And all at once you're transported into her world
Instantly, you feel you belong
A little Christmas
A little “Live”
A little Retro
Cymbals crescendo
Bass slides
Guitar is strummed
Ivories are caressed
One heart swells with the opening number~for the man she loved 55 years was Paul
Another's eye glisten in awe for Argentina is crying~one of her favorite songs
A chuckle & comment~none of us know this song! It's so new...
Then flawlessly performs... Such a Sweet Surprise
No singer finer
No song ever sung better
Content to be captive~how the set ends so soon!
Grateful this lady has chosen this path
A journey Somewhere Over the Rainbow
So happy that sometimes our paths merge
Where this blue bird will always sing praises for the incredibly talented and beautiful inside-out
Linda Eder

Laurie Holland from California writes…

Fan Laurie Holland and Linda

When Ellen learned that I'd be attending one of Linda's 3 shows at Feinstein's in San Francisco, she asked me if I'd be willing to write a “review” for The Voice. As an avid Linda groupie (is that redundant?), I'm not sure I cannot be biased.

I had missed Linda's previous appearances at Feinstein's only because I had to be out of town for business. Fortunately, I checked her website early enough to learn that she was doing 3 shows before Thanksgiving! For opening night, I invited a friend who knew a little of Linda's music but had never seen her live.

Let me say upfront: Linda requires a bigger venue than Feinstein's; it's a nice little supper club with little being the operative word. While her voice could fill the stadium at San Francisco's AT&T Park, it is special for her fans to see her up close and personal. And the promise of a meet and greet afterward to get her new CD could never have happened at AT&T.

I had listened to and watched the video advertising Retro, her latest CD, and hoped that she would sing all the songs; she teased us with only a few while satisfying everyone with a sampling of her old music as well.

Some of her songs that evening brought me to tears; others made the whole audience laugh like “Sam, You Made the Pants Too Long,” especially when she does her soft shoe! She engaged the crowd too having us sing along with “Fernando,” a favorite. It amazes me that her voice is as strong and beautiful as ever.

I didn't want the show to end. The only consolation was knowing we could now queue up to meet her and have her sign her new CD (and a few of her older ones that I brought along). I don't know how she can stand there after a long show and meet fans and pose with us and sign our CDs (I noticed that I wasn't the only one bringing a pile of earlier CDs) and make small talk with us, but she does until the very last fan.

Oh... and did I mention that I got tickets to the show on Sunday, a matinee, also? I wanted to invite another friend for her Christmas gift. Okay, it was really just an excuse to see Linda perform again.

So while I agreed to write a review, I didn't take notes and didn't write this until 2 weeks after the show, but Linda's performances stay with a fan a long time. Since then, I've been addicted to her Retro CD and her Live CD too that I hadn't yet acquired; they both bring back memories of the 2 shows.

Sunday's show was not a replica of Friday night; she changed it just enough to keep this fan happy. After, we lined up again to buy more CDs (one for my brother who loves her; one for my sister too). She was just as gracious as Friday night even after she told me the sand dollars I had given her, a souvenir of San Francisco, left sand all around her hotel suite. :)

It was a special weekend. Thanks for indulging your San Francisco fans, Linda. See you next year!

Marissa Hockfield from California writes…

Fan Marissa Hockfield and Linda

This summer I moved from Chicago to San Francisco, and what made the move less daunting was that I already had a Linda Eder concert on my calendar in my new city!

Linda Eder performed three sold out shows at Feinstein's at the Nikko in San Francisco on November 20-22. I was thrilled that I could attend two of the performances. Feinstein's is an intimate 140 seat cabaret nightclub, the perfect venue for Linda's intimate style. This was the smallest venue I had ever been to for a Linda concert. No matter where you sat, you felt like Linda was singing to you.

The concert was a perfect mix of songs from her Memory Lane tour, a couple from the new Retro CD, and some holiday favorites (at the request of Feinstein's even though it was before Thanksgiving). My favorite moment was when Linda sang “Someone Like You.” It's one of my favorite songs because I discovered Linda when I saw her in Jekyll & Hyde and immediately had to buy every CD she had at the time. She quickly became my favorite singer! She was flawless singing the song, and I couldn't help but mouth the words along with her.

Another standout moment was “Don't Cry for Me Argentina.” It was my husband's first time hearing Linda sing it, and he couldn't stop raving! Linda sang with so much emotion and passion. It was a showstopper both nights!

I also loved Linda's choices for holiday songs because they were appropriate for the time of year and so beautiful! She sang “The Silence of Snow” and “Grown-Up Christmas List” from the Christmas Where You Are CD. She gave “The Silence of Snow” a personal touch by telling the story of how a blank piece of paper eventually inspired her to write the song's lyrics. After the show, I helped sell CDs, and several people asked if I was selling the CD with the “snow” song. When I said I was selling that CD, they were so excited and had to buy a copy! Linda definitely made an impression on new and old fans!

Linda was extremely gracious to pose for photos and sign CDs for anyone who wanted to meet her after the show. I think the entire audience lined up for a chance to tell her how much they loved the show; I definitely did! I'm already looking forward to seeing Linda again and hopefully her return to Feinstein's in the future.

Markcurtis Otani from California writes…

Fans Markcurtis Otani and
Jimmy Short (left) with Linda

Linda Eder must certainly have “left her heart in San Francisco,” as she returned to Feinstein’s at the Nikko in just over one year. All three of her show’s engagements were sold out. Linda was originally booked to appear at Feinstein’s in December for a Christmas show, but due to scheduling, it turned out to be a pre-Thanksgiving show. Last year, when Linda appeared in San Francisco, she debuted her “Linda Live” CD. This year she treated patrons to her new CD recording “Retro.” 

In attendance were her die-hard fans, as well as some newbies. I’m sure the newbies have become her die-hard fans now too after seeing the show. As for the show itself, it was a mish-mash of titles that have had an impact on her career over the years. There was the theme from “Ice Castles” that she sung when she first appeared on the television show “Star Search,” where each week she competed with another singer, then went on to win the title undefeated. She sang “Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina,” her first Broadway touring show she had ever seen, and fell in love with musical theater. Her interpretation of this classic was mesmerizing. She sang “Sam” where she explained that when she was touring the cabaret circuit, the music started in a key well above her comfort zone and she managed to bring it down as the song progressed, not knowing she could have stopped and requested they start over in her preferred key. Linda’s rendition of “Chasing Rainbows/Somewhere Over the Rainbow” would have made Judy proud.

Linda injected a few Christmas songs, even though it wasn’t even Thanksgiving yet. Sung beautifully were “Bells of St. Paul,” “Grown Up Christmas List,” “Silence of Snow” (she wrote the lyrics, with music by Frank Wildhorn) and “Oh Holy Night.” This is my personal favorite Christmas song of Linda‘s. I remember hearing a demo CD of the single, prior to the release of her first Christmas CD, “Christmas Stays the Same”… it was a beautiful interpretation with a choir singing back up. Here she had her musicians sing with her. Of course, Linda had to treat everyone with a few songs for which she is known, “Someone Like You,” “Man of La Mancha,” and a fun sing-a-long “Fernando,” a duet with her guitarist, Peter Calo. Rounding out her eclectic set were selections from her new CD, “Sweet Surprise” and “Easy.” Perhaps my favorite moment of the night was Linda and her bass player, David Finck, performing “Stormy Weather.” Linda’s breath control while sustaining a single, soft note without wavering was exquisite.

Here’s hoping Linda had left a little bit of her heart again in San Francisco so that she will return again next year.


DECEMBER 8, 2015

Jessica Zeller from Texas writes…


Fan Jessica Zeller and Linda
Texas Eder fans began the holiday season the right way, with a visit from Linda in Lufkin! Linda was only doing two Christmas shows this year, and we were lucky enough to see one of them! Linda performed at the Pines Theater, which holds a long history in the town of Lufkin. People asked “Why Lufkin?” to which Linda replied, “Why not?” As their slogan says, “You'll love Lufkin!”
The theatre opened in 1925 as the city's premiere entertainment center, and has maintained quite the reputation over the years as a place of worship for the Covenant of Love Outreach. It was later listed in the National Registry of Historic Places in 1988. The Pines continued to function as a church until 2005, and was vacant for the following two years before being purchased by the city of Lufkin, and was then refurbished and brought to life once more.

My mom and I arrived about an hour before the concert started, and drove past the small little theatre where Linda's photo was displayed. We walk in and an absolutely gorgeous sight greeted us! We found our seats and waited patiently for Linda. Our dear friend, Tara Watson Watkins, took the stage to welcome the audience, thank the sponsors of the Pines, and then finally she read Linda's bio... it's almost time! I gotta say... I knew Tara lived in Lufkin, but I had no idea that she worked at this theatre, and that she was responsible for bringing our Linda back to Texas. Thanks, Tara! You're a gem! Also, big thanks to my mom for driving down to Lufkin and jotting down the set list for me!

Linda greeted us with the most subtle of greetings, the first notes of the heartfelt “The Bells of St. Paul” from her first Christmas album, “Christmas Stays the Same.” What an intro! Then she shifted into two familiar classics, a medley of “The Christmas Waltz” and “It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” from her second Christmas album, “Christmas Where You Are.” Her performance was fun and energetic, ready for the joyful evening ahead with her Texas Ederlings. She thanked us for coming out and said that Texas holds a very special place in her heart because as we all know, “Jekyll & Hyde” premiered in Houston twenty-five years ago. Well, there's a very special place in the hearts of Texas fans for Linda. Just I had hoped, Linda added “I love Texas!” to which I responded, “Texas loves Linda!” just as an audience member did nearly four years ago to the day at her Christmas concert at the Winspear Opera House in Dallas, which I attended. I think we've established a new tradition at Linda Eder concerts in Texas. Whenever she says she loves Texas, someone needs to exclaim “Texas loves Linda!” because we do. So very much. 

She explained that she's been doing the Memory Lane concert for a couple years now, so this concert is a Christmas-memory lane hybrid. This is the third concert of Linda's I've seen since she started the Memory Lane series, so I knew the drill. “Through the Eyes of Love” from “Ice Castles” is first up! Linda asked us if any of us remembered the show Star Search, where it all began for her, where she swept the show with this song. I answered “Of course!” to which my mom replied, “You weren't even born yet!” So? I still remember! This song sounded better than ever, better than on Star Search and better than the on the live album... if that's even possible. And it happened in Texas... it truly was something special. Linda's voice was crystal clear and exuded beauty and strength in each note. It was also the first of many songs to receive immediate applause as soon as she started singing.

She introduced the next song with some background info about the Christmas album, and the next song in particular. She explained that she had been wanting to come up with an original song for the album, but wasn't much of a songwriter, so she asked Frank to come up with some melodies, and of course he delivered and gave her a ton. She was procrastinating on writing the lyrics until the last possible minute, when the time came to record the album. And it was actually the blank piece of paper that inspired the lyric, and that when she looked out her window, she could see snow falling, but she couldn't hear it. It was silent. And thus, “The Silence of Snow” was born. This was when I noticed Linda was using recorded background tracks in addition to her live band. Gotta love the trumpets! A fitting segue was her rendition of the old favorite, “I'll Be Home For Christmas” and a relatively new favorite for Eder fans, “Grown-Up Christmas List.” She did not need to say anything about this song to make an impact. The sentiments expressed in David Foster and Linda Thompson's interpretation of an adult's holiday wishes really tugs at the heart, especially with all that has happened in the world recently. I am certain there was not a dry eye in the house.

However, one of the tearjerker moments I was waiting for is yet to come, and Linda did not disappoint. This was the point in the show when Linda told us that there are times during a concert when she feels inclined to sit, and maybe take off her shoes, despite wearing lower heels, which she did before whispering the first few notes of the next song into the ears of her audience. The song, of course, was “Merry Christmas, Darling,” my favorite Christmas song of all time. I have wanted to tell Linda ever since “Christmas Where You Are” was released how much hearing her sing this song means to me. Karen Carpenter is one of my other major influences as a singer, so to have Linda sing this song on the album and live in concert is truly a special gift. Her rendition was absolutely breathtaking that captured the magic of the song as it was originally intended. Thank you, Linda for sharing that beautiful gift. I took notice of her voice on this song in particular, as it was a manifestation of her overall performance that night. Linda is known for her phenomenal belt, but her voice also possesses a delicacy and vulnerability when she sings softly, and it is this quality that sets her apart from many other singers. The fact that she is capable of singing both ways with such sensitivity makes her a true artist. This quality of her voice shone through at this concert more prominently and more beautifully than ever before. When the final diminuendo of the piano and saxophone concluded, Linda brought us back from heaven by asking us, “You do know that is the number one Christmas song, right?” I bet a few people were puzzled, but I knew exactly what she meant. It's not the number one Christmas song ever, but it was the number one Christmas song voted on by her fans in preparing for this album two years ago. I know because I remember voting for it!

She took a break from the Christmas tunes and gave us “Stormy Weather,” something which we've seen quite a bit of in Texas these past few months. “The First Noel” followed and to say it was gorgeous does not do it justice. She didn't tell us the story of how this song made it into the set, but it was in the back of my mind the entire time she sang it. “The First Noel” was the catalyst for “Christmas Where You Are.” Linda had been singing it in her Christmas concerts in the past, but it wasn't on the “Christmas Stays the Same” album. Being thirteen years since the first album, it only seemed fitting that she record a follow-up and include “The First Noel.” I was tearing up big time. I have always liked the song, but I don't have the emotional or nostalgic connection to it that I do with other songs of hers, so this was a new experience. Perhaps I was just overcome with the mere thought of being in her presence once more, when she is doing what she does best, singing her heart out. Or, perhaps my heart was simply preparing me for the highlight of any Linda concert I get to attend, which includes an insane amount of crying, and that is of course, when she sings “Someone Like You.” I've said it a million times, and I will say it a million more... this song never gets old. Linda prefaced it by telling us, “This next song is a staple. I sing it at all my concerts because when I don't, I hear about it.” I am not exaggerating when I say that I was not just crying, I was bawling. I don't believe I have ever cried so much in my entire life. It always brings me back to that pivotal moment in my life when I decided to become a singer, and Linda's performance that night was especially reminiscent of the first time I heard it, on the 1990 Jekyll & Hyde Concept Album she recorded with Colm Wilkinson. It was pure, sentimental, and almost subdued, just as it was on that album. This song will always be my favorite song, and I cherish each and every time I get to hear Linda sing it because it holds so many precious memories for me. It's what started it all for me: my love for Linda and my desire to sing. This song gives me something to live for. As expected, the crowd ruptured into thunderous applause as her voice got softer and softer near the end. I chuckled when Linda remarked that she can always spot the newbies in the audience because they're the ones who clap long before the song ends, but hey, the song has three different endings!

The mood shifted to something a bit more upbeat with the introduction of the virtual choir hiding behind the curtain for Linda's toe-tapping rendition of “Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree/Holly Jolly Christmas.” Linda warned us that she wasn't much of a dancer (it's okay, Linda… I'm not either) and she recently injured her toe, so the dancing would be in short supply unless she just got the urge to move, which she did towards the end. All this despite the track skipping... fire that choir, Linda! After that, she told us about her newest album, “Retro,” a collection of unreleased songs spanning a period of about twenty years. “Sweet Surprise” was simply lovely, and exhibits the essence of every other song generated by the dynamic duo that is Frank Wildhorn and Jack Murphy. And, of course, no 2015 Christmas concert would be complete without “Christmas Where You Are!” Linda conversed with us about the pains of flying these days, and that's what inspired the title track from the holiday album... yearning to be home for Christmas while traveling, but realizing that it's Christmas wherever you are when you keep the spirit of the season with you. This song truly is a masterpiece as it shows off not just Linda's voice, but her ear for detail and her wonderful poetry. She moved on to tell the story of how one song almost ended her singing career entirely, although I speak for all Linda fans when I say we're all glad it didn't! In the early, early days of her career, “Sam, You Made the Pants Too Long” began about five keys too high, and young Linda didn't know the performer has the authority to tell the accompanist to start over in the correct key, so she went along with it and sang the song with her larynx risen to the high heavens. Nowadays, she has no problem stopping and starting over. Performing is a learning experience. I love this song... it was so much fun! Linda did a little two-step and made silly faces, which put a smile on all of ours. I love how she finds a reason to smile through anything, even her hurt toe. Her happiness is contagious! Irving Berlin's “Blue Skies” is another peppy one she enjoys singing and that we enjoyed hearing. Next was the classic Christmas tune, “Little Drummer Boy” and the most famous song from Linda's very first Broadway (well, off-Broadway) musical that she saw in high school, “Don't Cry For Me, Argentina” from “Evita.” It was difficult to heed the advice in the song because Linda's interpretation is just so heartbreaking. I couldn't help but cry. It was another one of those moments when the sheer beauty of Linda's voice really resonated and connected with her audience. That intricacy in the phrasing in Linda's voice is something I always try to emulate. It's magical. Linda earned a well-deserved standing ovation when she finished this song. For the record, I lost track of how many standing ovations she received that evening. I just know it was a lot. Just how do you follow that up? Well, Linda just gets better and better as the night progresses. She sang “Charade” and the most classic of all Christmas songs, which Linda shared with us that it's not Christmas until she sings it, “Silent Night.” What a stunner. Her unique arrangement of “O Come All Ye Faithful” followed, as well as a long-time favorite of Linda and her fans, “Climb Every Mountain” from “The Sound of Music.” I never tire of Linda telling us the story of her high school choir days, and how badly she wanted to play Maria in her choir's production of the musical. But being seven feet tall, the role of Mother Abbess was more appropriate for her. I said this in my previous review, but Rodgers and Hammerstein wrote the best songs for their matriarchs, so I think you got the better deal, Linda! It was simply gorgeous. The song possesses powerful message of never giving up on your dreams, so in my perspective, there is no singer better suited to convey that message. Linda sang a few encores including her most distinctive arrangement of “Do You Hear What I Hear” and “O Holy Night,” which gave us one last breath of Christmas cheer from Linda. I didn't want the show to end!

Also, I'd like to take a moment to thank her band, Billy, Dave, Aaron, and Jerry for helping make the magic happen! You guys rock! Congrats on a phenomenal performance!

After the show concluded, I walked out to the lobby and waited with the crowd for Linda to come out and greet us. I couldn't wait to hug Linda for the first time in a year and a half! She finally glanced over at me and smiled as the crowd cleared and greeted me with open arms. I had so much to tell her, I didn't even know where to begin! I showed her the program from my school choir concert, where I had just sung “In His Eyes” two days prior and she was beaming! She told me she was proud of all the things I had been accomplishing, which made my night. I'm beyond grateful for her support and to be able to share all of my successes with her. We got a quick picture and she signed my Linda Live CD and yet two more CDs we bought for my friends who are fans. One of them is my friend Denise, whose birthday was the day of the show. So, Denise, if you're reading this, happy birthday!

I stepped aside so she could meet with other fans and chatted with Tara and her sweet mom Ann for a bit about what I've been up to: school, performances, etc. while also observing the other lucky fans who got to spend a few minutes with Linda. Watching from afar how she interacts with her fans is always one of my favorite parts of Linda's concerts, and I can tell it is her favorite part too. She is incredibly genuine and gracious towards her fans, and not just when signing millions of autographs. By the way, I'm happy to report that all of my Linda Eder CDs are now autographed! Linda's love for fans is most apparent when she is chatting with them, hearing of how her music has touched their hearts and how much they enjoy watching her perform. I know this first-hand, and it's a wonderful feeling. All of her fans can attest to this: when Linda is speaking with you, she treats you like the most important person in the world. For those brief moments, it's like you're the only ones in the room. That's just one of the many things I love about her. Linda's humility is so admirable, and like so many fans, I'm so very lucky and blessed to know this talented, beautiful, and kind woman.

Even more so when I think about what happened next, another moment we shared that I will always cherish. I told Linda I wanted her to keep my choir program, and to my complete surprise, after getting so many autographs from Linda, she asked me to sign it for her! I can't believe it! I signed it, “To my greatest inspiration to sing... love you, Linda!” I mean every word with all my heart. This concert is just another precious reminder that I'm doing the right thing in pursuing my dreams of becoming a singer. The most fulfilling way of repaying someone who has inspired you is simply doing what they inspired you to do, so that you may in turn inspire someone else. That is what a legacy is. I hope that one day, I can be someone's Linda.