One of the best times of the year for a drive to Provincetown, Massachusetts is the month of October. In addition to those who live on or near Cape Cod, Linda and some of her fans made the trip for her October 10th and 11th shows at the intimate Crown & Anchor and were able to experience the beauty of magnificent fall foliage. The venue was alive with wonderful music for two splendid evenings as you will see when you read these reviews.

Linda Skidmore from New York writes…

Fan Linda Skidmore with Linda
Whenever I attend a Linda Eder concert, there is a very special feeling in the house before she arrives on stage. It is exciting, electrifying and effervescent! Being on Commercial Street in P-Town adds to that excitement… and craziness. The band members come on stage, the music starts and Linda appears. The journey down “Memory Lane” begins!

Linda is wearing a beautiful blue dress and very classy high heels. Such poise and stage presence! She skates right into her opening song, “Looking Through the Eyes of Love” from the movie “Ice Castles,” easily hitting all the high notes, displaying her unparalleled range and instantly winning over the entire audience.

She then proceeds with the usual questions, “How many have seen me before? How many haven’t?” The loudest applause follows the first question as most attendees have seen Linda. There was a gentleman in the first row who acknowledged he was new. Linda looked directly at him and said, “I’m Linda Eder and I’m a singer.” It sounded like he responded, “I’m single, too.” Linda says, “No, I’m a singer. A single singer.” She had that look in her eyes and admitted that she had this feeling in her that always happens in P-Town. She doesn’t know what she is going to do or what will come out of her mouth.
“Something in the air,” she says. With that look and attitude, I knew we were in for an extraordinary evening!

Eder performs songs from a variety of musical genres. She tells us that the next song reminds her of driving up to the Cape in the morning, nothing but “Blue Skies,” a song written by Irving Berlin and recorded by many artists, but none as powerful as Linda’s. My experience was different. I came up on Friday in the “Stormy Weather.” I continue to be amazed at how long she can hold a note in this song while David Finck is playing the bass. It’s breathtaking!

Anyone new in the audience learned a lot about Linda Eder on this night. She was very talkative and playful, having a great time with her musicians. At one point, she walked over to Peter Calo and gently hit him on the head, drawing laughter from all of us. Linda talked about loving opera as a kid.  She also shared the fact that she was very shy as a young girl and would go into the barn and sing to the sheep. They must have been the happiest sheep in Minnesota!

Linda also asked us not to post pictures on her Facebook page unless they are more flattering. She is tired of seeing the ones with her head back and mouth wide open. When she revealed that she had dislocated her jaw once while singing a note in “It’s Time,” she was touching her right jaw. For a brief moment, I thought that she had done it again, but she went right into her next song. No problem! Ended it with head back, mouth wide open!

She moves on to some other crowd pleasers, “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina” and “I Dreamed a Dream.” I have written before that Linda has the unique ability to lure you into a song with her emotion, passion and mind-blowing voice. It’s as if you are watching a mini musical with each piece she performs. I’ve also written that Linda Eder owns every song she sings! It doesn’t matter who has done it before, or who may sing it in the future. She is in a stellar league of her own. Her voice is a God given gift!

There are a few songs that Eder knows she has to include in her set. They have become her signature songs and she received well-deserved standing ovations after singing “Someone Like You,” and “Vienna.” At this show, she sang a few songs that aren’t on the LINDALIVE CD including Etta James’s “At Last,” “On the Street Where You Live,” from “My Fair Lady,” and the “Mad Hatter,” from  “Wonderland: Alice’s New Musical Adventure.”

Linda always tells the story of how the song, “Sam, You Made the Pants Too Long,” almost ended her musical career when the piano player started five keys higher than it should have been. She had to work her way down and she did. I grew up an avid fan of Streisand, but Linda sings it better!

I enjoy Eder’s duet with Peter Calo on “Fernando,” inviting the audience to sing along and getting a rousing ovation after “Now we’re old and grey Fernando,” even though the song isn’t over. The two are used to this by now. They laugh, wait, and then finish the song. I have never heard anyone sing “Man of La Mancha” like Eder sings it! Talk about showing off your range! Her miraculous voice can do anything!

It would be remiss of me not to mention two other songs in Linda’s show. Her delivery of “Climb Every Mountain,” from “The Sound of Music” is angelic. And, of course, her final song of every performance, “Over the Rainbow,” is exquisite.

For me, this was a very exciting night since two of my upstate friends were attending the show. They had never seen Linda before and didn’t know her music. I was sitting up front and they were in the back. When the show ended I looked, but couldn’t find them. I thought they left and I would catch up later. Then I saw them! Both had huge smiles that lit up their faces. That’s how most people exit an Eder concert. I had wanted to introduce them to Linda but Jenn told me they already met her and purchased CDs.

Early the next morning, Jenn had the CD playing in the condo and said she played it all the way home in the car. I have to tell her there are at least another fifteen solo albums she needs to buy.

I asked both Jenn and Mary to write a thought about being a “newbie” at Linda’s show.

Mary Glauber from New York writes…
I was so impressed both with Linda Eder’s voice and the ease with which she related to the audience both during the concert and afterwards at the “Meet and Greet.” My initial thought was that her voice is as good as or better than any I have heard and admired. After listening to her first few songs, I thought Barbra Streisand should have asked Linda to fill in for her when she was unable to sing at an awards show. After the concert, I went on with my voice comparisons. In almost every case, I continue to prefer Linda’s voice. Since the concert, I have been playing her CD pretty much non-stop. I find her voice and song selections improve my day. Suddenly and happily I find myself with a new, favorite artist!                                                  

Jennifer Smalley from New York writes…
I was delighted to be able to attend my first Linda Eder concert on October 10th!  Having never heard her before, I was amazed at the unique voice, unbelievable talent, and varied vocal range. The show was top notch and the song selection perfect. It was clear that Linda connected with her audience. I purchased the CD immediately and have been listening to it ever since.
Thank you, Linda Eder, for an evening I will always remember. You captured my heart!

Linda Skidmore concludes…
So, the extraordinary evening I anticipated turned out to be just that. The woman who lives in New York, but insists she’s still a farm girl from Minnesota, put on quite a spectacular evening!

Steve Feldman from New York writes…
I have been following Linda Eder for more than a decade now. I became a fan the moment I first heard her sing on a recommendation from a close friend. I was hooked and knew Linda’s recordings would quickly be added to my musical collection.

On October 11, 2015, I unknowingly was destined to hear Linda perform live at the Paramount Theater in Provincetown, MA. I arrived in Provincetown for the long holiday weekend and little did I know that she was booked in town for two concerts. I HAD to get a ticket. No, this wasn’t the first time I heard her live.  Among other venues, I have seen her at the Palace, Town Hall and Feinstein’s in NYC, and the Great Auditorium in Ocean Grove, NJ. This was my second time (in two years) seeing her in Provincetown, and as I said to a friend after the show, “She never disappoints.” 

For those of you who have never been to the Paramount Theater in Provincetown, it is a smaller more intimate venue that is well suited to a cabaret style performance. I was thrilled to be seated in the second row. The audience was comprised of many fans but also many first-timers. We were all in for a treat; it is in these smaller settings that I think Linda truly shines. From the moment she took to the stage, she captivated us with her unique interpretations of many Broadway/movie standards that showcase her voice and her incredible range. As Linda says at every show, “She is a singer.” Not only did she sing beautifully that night, but she also entertained us with humorous banter in-between songs. She really seemed at ease with the audience, as if she was entertaining us in her living room.

Whether Linda is singing a song she originated, or lending her amazing vocal talents to another’s pop, jazz or Broadway classic, she instantly makes that song her own.   Her set on October 11th included, among others, “I Dreamed a Dream,” “Someone Like You,” “The Mad Hatter,” “Climb Every Mountain,” and “Fernando” (where she wowed us all with her ability to hold a note in perfect pitch for what seemed forever). She sang for a little more than an hour ending with a powerful trio of “Vienna” (one of my all-time favorites), “Man of La Mancha” and her personal rendition and tribute to Judy Garland – “Over the Rainbow.”

No matter how many times I see her, she makes me laugh, cry and want to sing along with her to some of those famous songs. She keeps me coming back, time and again, and always leaves me wanting more. The sign of a great performer, if you ask me. Linda graciously stayed on after the show to meet with her fans and to sign CDs. I got 3 copies of LindaLive (recorded in Saratoga); the holiday shopping began that night.
I asked Linda if she would be coming back to NY anytime soon. She said yes but didn’t say when or where. I sense another Linda Eder concert is in my future. I can only hope!

Fan Ed Walsh with his Spouse and Linda

Ed Walsh from Massachusetts writes…
Linda Eder hit Provincetown like the Hurricane of 1938.  No one saw it's fury coming, in the middle felt awed by it's strength, and after it's passing felt drained and basked in the sunshine.

With two shows at the Crown and Anchor this past weekend Linda Eder offered one of the best shows of the season.  She began with the Theme from Ice Castles and offered an encore of Over the Rainbow. Linda was in fantastic voice. The repertoire of her standards and jazz numbers keep those fortunate audience members enthralled with the range of her voice and on our feet after every number.   This is the first time I have been fortunate enough to see her in this type of intimate setting having seen hearing much larger concert halls, theaters, and thE Boston Esplanade with the Boston Pops.  She has shined in each settling but her performance setting was amazing.   


Linda returned to her house after two great shows in Provincetown, had a few days at home, and then proceeded to repack her suitcase and head to Dearborn, Michigan for another show at the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center. As you will read below, Linda once again enchanted her audience.

Fan Sandy Knechtges and Linda

Sandy Knechtges from Michigan writes…
Amazing! Spectacular! Incredible! Best voice of our time! Tall!! If you are reading this newsletter, then you know who Linda Eder is and have heard all of these adjectives and more to describe her. Well, they are all true, but she is also so much more than that.

I have had the opportunity to see Linda perform live numerous times, mainly in Michigan, but once in “The Night After the Tonys” concert in Los Angeles. Although her recordings are great (as well as a staple on all of my playlists), there is nothing like seeing her perform live.

I have been lucky enough to not only see her perform many times, but to meet her on a number of occasions, even sit down and talk with her. Not only is she an incredible talent, but she is a very nice person. She tends to remember a number of people, takes time to chat a bit. A very sincere and real lady. Linda shows a quite a bit of humor on stage, but has a great sense of humor when interacting with her fans as well.

Most recently, my friends and I went to see her perform in Dearborn, Michigan. This performance was a special treat for she was backed by an orchestra and choir. In this performance, she did a few Garland songs and, of course, her standard of “Over the Rainbow,” but she really thrilled me when she performed “Zing Went the Strings of My Heart/The Trolley Song.” She wowed the audience with many of her standards (when she doesn’t do some of these she hears about it), such as “Someone Like You,” “Vienna,” “Man of La Mancha,” and “Climb Every Mountain.” She also performed “I’m Not Lisa.” I am not going to go over the entire set, though I must say that “Vienna” performed live is fabulous, but ”Vienna” performed live with an orchestra and choir is absolutely amazing. She closed with what I believe is one of the most heartfelt performances of one of the best songs inspired by such a terrible time… “If I Had My Way.”

Very few performers sing with the range, clarity, strength and emotion that Linda brings. She has not only a beautiful voice, but is a beautiful lady, and I’m not just talking about her appearance. It is pretty clear that she loves what she does, and it looked as though she was truly enjoying herself on stage with the orchestra and choir. Of course, there were the quarters on the stage. After telling her quarter story many times over, now fans put quarters on the stage. Those quarters are gathered and donated to Pets Alive.

I’ve been to many concerts (most of them rock), seen many theatrical productions, and met many people, but none have impressed me as much as Linda has as a singer and a person. Her music has helped me in one of the worst years of my life, and for that I say, Thank You, Linda.
I look forward to seeing Linda come around again. So far this last concert in Dearborn has been the closest to home that I’ve seen her. If you get a chance to see her perform live do it. You will be glad that you did.

“Life without music would be a mistake,” Nietzsche said. I can’t think of a truer quote. Thank you, Linda, for sharing your music, your gift, your voice, and your talent with the rest of us.


Left to right: Fans Laura Miles, Brent Taravella and Joe Taravella
with Linda Eder and Billy Jay Stein