Many years ago when we first started working with Linda Eder to develop THE VOICE as her online newsletter, we were introduced to a number of incredibly talented musicians and collaborators. Over the years, we have interviewed these kind and generous professionals and have called upon them to contribute to THE VOICE in many different ways.

One of the biggest supporters of our work on THE VOICE has been Kim Scharnberg. An early memory of Kim set the tone for our working relationship. Kim was dressed in a Santa suit for the taping of Linda’s Christmas show at the Mohegan Sun Casino, and we knew we had met someone with a great fun spirit. And we truly had done just that! From day one, he never said no to whatever we asked of him, and he never missed a deadline. In fact, Kim never needed a deadline… he was always ready before we were.

Over the years, we have called upon Kim many times to contribute something to the latest edition of THE VOICE. Every single time, he got right to the task and before we knew it, there it was… an email from Kim with a response to our request. One of the best things we discovered was that no matter what the topic, there was always a tinge of humor in everything he wrote.

So Kim, after all you have given to us and THE VOICE (and we’re not done yet!), it is our honor and pleasure to give something back to you… this special edition of THE VOICE dedicated to you and your beautiful wife, Gwynn.

Warmest wishes for a lifetime of happiness!
Ellen and Amanda

September 26, 2015, was a magical day in the lives of Kim Scharnberg and the love of his life, the beautiful Gwynn Griffin. Family and friends gathered in Norfolk, Connecticut at the Norfolk Music Shed for the wedding, a wonderful ceremony personalized perfectly for Kim and Gwynn. Following the reception, the guests and members of the public were treated to a truly starry, starry night of musical entertainment, and Linda was thrilled to be a big part of that evening. We hope you will enjoy reading the reflections of Kim, Gwynn, Linda, and three of the wedding guests, Ericka Leonard, Michael Mott, and Alanna Sinclair.

It's not easy to come up with a unique idea, but that's exactly what my friends “Mr. and Mrs. Scharnberg” did!

I got a phone call one day from Kim telling me that he and Gwynn had finally set the date and that he wanted to know if I would be part of it. I've sung at a lot of weddings in my early years and I don't really do that anymore. But these were my friends so, of course, I said yes. He then went on to explain that the wedding was going to be “a little different”....

Linda and Kim on stage

A wedding concert! Kim was putting on a concert to raise money for the Norfolk Music Shed to continue its refurbishing. There would be many performers. I asked who else had signed on and he said he was asking me first to help headline the show and attract more acts. I was, of course, hugely flattered. Over the course of the next months, he put together an amazing group of very talented performers.  

As the weeks went by leading up to the wedding, I had not picked my two songs and was letting the hard drive in my head spin on its own confident that I would eventually figure out which two romantic wedding songs would work the best for the occasion. Then one day I got an email from Kim asking if I would sing “Vienna” and “Man of La Mancha!” Hardly the songs I had in mind for a wedding, but then I understood that this was to be a real concert and not just a tribute to the nuptials of two love birds. Kim and Gwynn are, after all, true musicians in their own right, and it was not really a surprise that they wanted a show to please all.

This concert was to be open to the public. It's an interesting idea when you think about it. The wedding was to take place before hand on the stage with just the invited guests, but then the doors would be wide open to any and all who wanted to come to the show later in the evening after the reception. And that's exactly what happened....

I drove there with what I thought was plenty of time to arrive just before my scheduled slot in the sound check/rehearsal with Kim and the orchestra. A car accident blocking Route 8 brought me to a standstill, and I watched all my spare minutes slide by while I waited. By the time I arrived at the venue, I parked my car and walked up the steps to the building hearing “Vienna” already in full swing. I ran up onto the stage and the first spot I opened my mouth to sing was right after the instrumental for the big “Cause in Vienna...!” Quite the way to start a rehearsal, but it was fine and it was great to see Kim at the conductor’s podium with a huge smile on his face.

Fun in the green room!

I asked him if he was nervous yet and he said no. Why would he be when he was marrying the sweetest woman in the world? I rehearsed “Man of La Mancha” next, and then Edwin McCain came on stage with his guitar. Kim had asked me if I would sing back up for Edwin on his classic hit “I'll Be.” I was happy to sing with him as I both loved the song and loved Edwin's voice. It was really fun.

All the different performers were either in the house or back stage and it was great to go around and finally meet them. It was wonderful to see Rob Evan whom I had not laid eyes on in some time. He was as full of fun as ever. There isn't much for dressing rooms and, in fact, that is the part of the venue that was going to be rebuilt. The ladies all shared a tiny green room but it was okay. Everyone was lovely and it was fun to hang out and get to know them. We were doing what girls do... sharing makeup... and telling stories. I spent quite a lot of time with Seran and Allyson. Beautiful and talented are just a few words to describe them.

There was some time to kill before the actual ceremony so Ellen and I were hanging out in the green room and talking. Suddenly we realized that it seemed very quiet. We went out to see that guests had already filled the hall and the wedding was about to start. We met up with our two other friends who had been looking for us.   We were sitting so many rows back from the action so we got up as a group and moved to the side bleachers where we ended up with a perfect view.

The ceremony was actually quite beautiful, and the all wooden hall made a wonderful warm backdrop for the event. Kim looked happy as a clam and when Gwynn came down the aisle, she was absolutely glowing and stunning in her dress. I think the musical highlight of the entire day was the flute piece that Gwynn wrote that was performed during the ceremony with the orchestra. It was hauntingly beautiful, and I dearly wish that a recording was made of it so that I could hear it again.

Performing "I'll Be" with Edwin McCain

Kim and Gwynn were both funny and touching in their speeches to each other. Gwynn cried and made me cry. How wonderful is it to have an orchestra play you off as Husband and Wife?  

Then it was on to the receiving line and my friend Craig joked that it was actually the line to the bathroom and that we were all waiting in the wrong line. It took a long time to reach Kim and Gwynn because everyone wanted as much time with them as possible.

I had planned to sit in the hall and watch most of the concert since my performances were at the end, but there was no way to get out there without being a distraction, so I had to settle for seeing and hearing it from the wings. No matter… it was quite the show. What a varied and wonderful line up of extremely talented people. There wasn't a weak link in the show. The audience was loud and vocal and the performers well deserving of their praise. I was very proud to be part of it. Singing with Edwin was really fun and very touching when he brought it down at the end to serenade the newly married couple as they danced at the edge of the stage.  

I finished with “Man of La Mancha,” and then all the performers came back on stage to sing a short song with the audience singing along. This was the only moment of the night that was not well rehearsed since we were all given our parts to learn in advance and, like me, I don't think many people did their home work...! But it didn't matter. The night was a huge success and people got their money's worth.

I had a long drive home so I stuck to one glass of very good red wine and had fun mingling with the performers at the after part. At Craig's sudden request and without thinking, I photo bombed Billy and Edwin and the timing was perfect.  

My only regret is that there was no dancing. The only time I get to go dancing these days seems to be at weddings so I was sorry that wasn't on the agenda. I'm not a good dancer but I make up for it with enthusiasm!  

It was a wedding... it was a concert... it was a unique idea... and it was fabulous!

~Linda Eder


Wow. What an amazing day -- our wedding day! Gwynn and I decided that we didn't want traditional ANYTHING for this, so instead of a seated, plated, expensive reception, we decided to have a concert benefiting the restoration campaign of the Norfolk Music Shed. Booking the guest artists fell to me, so, of course, the first person I asked was Linda! Besides our longtime friendship, I knew it would be easier to attract some other folks if I mentioned that she'd be there ...

On the day of the show, we had a crazyfast rehearsal with the 15 piece band and when we started Linda's two feature songs, she was nowhere in sight. I reached her cell and she said, “I'm just pulling in and can hear ‘Vienna’ playing!” She proceeded to walk on stage and belt the end of the song after the instrumental -- talk about an entrance!  I'll let my beautiful wife (!!!) tell you about the rest of the day. (She writes way better than me anyway.)

~Kim Scharnberg

Surreal. Blissful. Overwhelming, in the best ways possible! And no nervousness in sight, which to me was a testament to the enormous amount of love and openheartedness joyfully bouncing around the Music Shed on that day of perfect sun and sky ... and brilliant, starry, starry night.

It's hard to believe there was ever a time in my life without Kim and minus the voice that instantly became the most-admired and most-revered of all female vocalists in my memory. Kim must have sensed that the way to my heart was through my ears, so he very methodically fed me a steady diet of Linda, beginning with “Candle in the Window,” “Man of La Mancha,” “If I Had My Way,” and of course, “Vienna.” What he didn't realize at first was my girlhood dream of becoming an orchestrator, creating the lush textures and rich, symphonic tapestries of sound that move my soul as nothing else can. His talents and character, coupled with Linda's nearly unbearable beauty -- in every way -- sank into those places inside me that were waiting for the missing musical pieces, and the seedling of our love began to grow and thrive.

Fast forward four years and ten days, and there she was, Linda Eder, spellbinding and riveting in her thigh-high black boots, dolman-sleeved, draping black dress (just a tease of leg showing), her healthy hair catching the lights and framing that face. That stunning face. “Vienna” was never so magical as it felt that night.  

But it just kept getting better. With the inimitable Jim Hynes on trumpet belting out the flourishing introduction to “Man of La Mancha,” the famous notes he originated on the spot in a recording session many years ago, the electricity in the Music Shed swelled to a pinnacle nearly as high as Linda's impossibly stratospheric bell tones in the most powerful descant of all time. That soundtrack played long and often in our house as I grew up with my mother at the sound controls, and I'm sure she was euphoric in spirit from her ethereal seat as Linda knocked it out of the park on that Saturday.

So what could possibly top all THAT?! A duet. The love song of all love songs. The perfect harmony of Linda's pure sound dancing with another of Life's great auditory gifts, Edwin McCain's power and poetry. Mix in just enough rasp and you get a vocal to make any heart swoon. And so together they sang “I'll Be,” and together they became the most passionate poetry.  

As the final chorus moved forward, my new groom left the stage and his post as conductor while the song and the band played on. As he passed a dumbfounded Frank Wildhorn who asked, “What are you DOING?!” the reply calmly came, “I'm going to dance with my wife.” A smattering of applause died down leaving a hush as large as Edwin's final strains, “I'll be better when I'm older, I'll be... the greatest fan of your life.” 

That tiny seedling had been gifted with just enough soil, water and sunshine to rise up to its full height, stretching its leaves and branches out far and wide, giving Linda's and Edwin's hearts and voices a resting place in every soul who heard them that starry, starry night.  

For this bride and groom, there is nothing but gratitude for Linda and her magic.  

~ Gwynn Griffin

What better gift to receive than the gift of song? On September 26, 2015, Linda Eder shared this gift with dear friends, Kim Scharnberg and Gwynn Griffin as they were married in a beautiful ceremony in Norfolk, Connecticut. Instead of a traditional reception, the two musicians decided to host a benefit concert to raise funds for the Norfolk Music Shed. 

“A Starry, Starry Night” featured many wonderful performers with a variety of talents. Among the lineup was longtime friend of Scharnberg's, Linda Eder. She captivated the audience with a powerful rendition of “Vienna.” Glancing over at the newlyweds, there was no doubt that this was, indeed, the “best time” of their lives. But the gift didn't stop there. Linda continued to wow the crowd when she accompanied Edwin McCain as he performed what might be considered the ultimate wedding song, “I'll Be.” Linda's strong vocals added a beautiful touch to the harmony of the song. As the song continued, the bride and groom rose to have their first dance. It was a perfect moment, with the perfect soundtrack.

Linda had one more treat in store for the couple of the evening… she performed the hit, “Man of La Mancha” and dedicated it to the honor of Gwynn's mother, who was a big fan of that particular song. 

Overall, it was a “starry” night to remember!

~Ericka Leonard


I was so excited to attend the wedding of my mentor, Kim Scharnberg and his now beautiful bride, Gwynn Griffin. Kim and I first met when I was 16 years old when I sent him a recording of my first original musical. I asked for feedback (I was brazen) and he was the kindest man ever. Fast forward to last year and Kim co-produced by debut album, “Where The Sky Ends,” which was released on Broadway Records and featured vocals from a slew of Broadway stars including Jeremy Jordan, Laura Osnes, Sierra Boggess, Zachary Levi, and Justin Guarini among others. 

All throughout my journey with Kim, I have always wanted to meet and work with Linda Eder. I'd attended all of her concerts at The Turning Stone Casino when she used to come through my hometown in Upstate, New York. So, to be able to finally be in a more intimate setting with her for Kim and Gwynn's special day was such a glorious experience. Throughout the entire concert, anticipation was building for Linda and when she finally took the stage she radiated such positivity, elegance and sexiness (those boots)! She sang her legendary hit and my favorite Linda song, “Vienna.” It was so wonderful to finally hear that song with a full orchestra again! With Kim at the helm conducting the incredible 16 piece orchestra, Linda belting center stage and Frank Wildhorn watching with a huge smile on his face from stage left, it was a moment I'll never forget. These are the people who inspired me to be a songwriter and performer and how lucky am I for the incredible experience of attending this amazing once in a lifetime event? Thank you to Kim for including me on his special day and I wish he and Gwynn a lifetime of happiness!

~Michael Mott


Since I was a little girl, my Mom has played Linda around the house. She would even lip sync into the mirror to make us laugh! And it definitely made us laugh! I have been singing since I was five years old. I started with a group near my hometown called Chorus Angelicus. It gave me a great start to what it means to be dedicated to your craft. Even at a young age, I took it very seriously. When you deliver a song you have to do so with your entire heart or the audience doesn't feel it.

We were sitting behind the orchestra, and it was wonderful to watch our good friend, Kim Scharnberg, conducting; but it was even better to see the faces of all of the musicians when each performer came on stage! When Linda came out on stage to sing “Vienna” and later “Man of La Mancha,” I was blown away. Her vocal range, although I've heard it many times on recordings, was so on point and filled with emotion! Just her presence on stage was electrifying. When Linda came on, you could feel the connection that she shares with Kim. It was a beautifully spiritual night that not many people get to participate in. I was so grateful to have been invited! Thank you Linda! I will never forget “The Starry Night” with you!

~ Alanna Sinclair


A special thank you to Linda, Kim, Gwynn, Ericka, Michael, and Alanna for sharing your thoughts on this magical wedding day!

Photos courtesy of Linda, Matt Dine, Michael Mott, and Craig Wollman

Video courtesy of Craig Wollman