Linda with the student singers

On a beautiful Florida afternoon, the Eissey Campus Theatre was bustling with anticipation and excitement. An enthusiastic group of students, parents and voice teachers had gathered to attend and participate in what was to be an incredible Master Class given by Linda.

Linda was introduced by Shoshana Davidowitz, Arts Education Coordinator at the theatre. After briefly addressing the group and putting the students at ease by relating that she was once exactly where they are now as far as being self-conscious and nervous, Linda proceeded to work with each of six students who had volunteered to sing for her. As the naturally gifted teacher that Linda is, she skillfully taught the audience as well as the individual student how to improve their singing. It was obvious that everyone in attendance hung onto each word from Linda, some even taking copious notes.

One of the lucky students to work individually with Linda was Georgia Sackler, a truly gifted singer in her own right. In addition to having the privilege of working with Linda, she also attended her performance on the following evening. Here, in her own words, is Georgia’s story of two magical evenings.


“As a musician, I try to attend as many concerts and musical performances as I can to keep my knowledge of music current and relevant. I have heard a wide variety of music styles, as well as a variety of skill levels. Every once in a while, I am lucky enough to hear a gem; a performance that not only astounds me on a musical level, but one that resonates and enthralls me emotionally. Musicians and non-musicians alike can sense authenticity and honesty in a performance, and that is exactly what happened when I had the utmost privilege of hearing Linda Eder in concert.

Linda working with Georgia Sackler

Anyone who has ever heard a Linda Eder recording can tell you that she has a voice unlike any other. Hearing and watching her sing is fascinating; she makes it look so natural and easy. She understands the tension and release that music is all about, and inflects her voice with different colors and tones accordingly. However, what was most eye opening about her style of singing and performance was having the opportunity to work with her in a master class.

Working one-on-one in an educational setting with Linda Eder gave me insight into what it takes to captivate and engage an audience. She pointed out aspects of my technique and style about which I had never previously thought. She was honest, while still being so kind and down-to-earth. She was engaging and understanding of who I am as an artist and as a person. First and foremost, she stressed the importance of being authentic and finding yourself in the context of the material you are performing. Comparing her live performance to the master class, I was astounded at how much work, effort, training, and time truly goes into reaching her level of expertise. The experience gave me a new comprehension of the preparation, truth, openness, and vulnerability necessary for the sort of special performance Ms. Eder gave. I can only hope that with years of training, I can one day engage and inspire young performers like Linda Eder did, both in her master class and in concert.”


Linda working one-on-one with the students