Linda finds the first sign of "Spring"!

Following on the heels of the Mid-Winter Review, THE VOICE is pleased to bring you our End of Winter Review. Linda’s 2014/2015 Tour has come to its conclusion with her appearance at the McCallum Theatre in Palm Springs, California on March 28, 2015.

The entire country is eagerly awaiting a change in the weather after a particularly difficult Winter. No matter whether you experienced snow, ice, heavy rain, or way below normal temperatures, the Winter of 2014/2015 brought along with it challenges for all. We hope that reading these heartfelt reviews will ease you into a beautiful Spring.

Karen Nuttall from Massachusetts writes…

I was excited for this day as it was to be the first Saturday in five weeks that we would not have a snow storm in Massachusetts. After feeling so confined for so many weeks, a road trip was definitely a welcome thought. Change of scenery was in order. I headed out that perfect sunny morning never realizing my evening would put me sitting in a very quaint theatre in Newton, New Jersey.

Linda with Fan Karen Nuttall

My drive brought me barely over the New York border into Vernon Township, New Jersey. I was meeting an out of town friend on a business trip. That evening we jumped in the car and drove about 30 minutes to a cute little Pub in Newton, NJ. After dinner my friend said she had a surprise for me. We walked a little bit down Spring Street. I could see bright lights on an old fashioned marquee of what looked like an old movie house. As we got closer, I could not believe my eyes. What a great surprise. Linda Eder, Feb 28th.  Is it the 28th, I wondered? YES!! I was ecstatic. I honestly had stopped looking at any “winter time” tour dates as I knew I would be snowed in. So this truly surprised me.

As so many others, I became mesmerized with Linda during her Star Search days.  There was simply no one like her. Her voice was heaven. I bought the Jekyll & Hyde “cassette” the minute it came out. Then — Life happens! I lost track of Linda.

Nine years ago I woke up deaf in one ear, a life changing event for sure. I lost all interest in music as it was competing with a constant crackling sound in my ear. The music was either too muffled, too much bass or basically causing the crackling sound to become louder. Talk radio was all I could handle. Yeah, not a relaxing time spent in the car.

One day I was clearing out a storage area and came across an old boom box with a cassette player. I popped in the old Jekyll & Hyde----oh MY----I could hear Linda’s beautiful voice. It was so clear. It didn’t cause the constant crackling sound to interfere with what I was hearing.

Immediately I went out and bought a Linda CD.   Again, I could hear it all. The pureness of her voice and the talent of the musicians…. I could easily hear it all. I finally was back enjoying music.

I guess you could say that Linda gave me back an enormous part of my life that I had been missing. I now attend her shows whenever she is near or in Massachusetts. I have been to quite a few “Memory Lane” shows this past year. All of them, wonderful and fun. I introduced Linda’s great talent to a few of my friends along the way.

As for the Newton show, I would love to be able to list the songs; however, something happens to me during the show and I just sit mesmerized. Of course, “Vienna.” This song could be an instrumental piece. It’s just a brilliant arrangement. “If I Could,” “Man of LaMancha,” “Chasing Rainbows,” etc…. an incredibly full show of wonderful!!

Newton, New Jersey, February 28, 2015 was different. Linda seemed more relaxed than ever. The band seemed very loose too. There were quite a few funny moments.  I sat in the theatre feeling like I could very well be in Linda’s living room. I’ve seen her perform in very intimate rooms (Sculler’s Jazz Club) but this wasn’t about size, it was about the feeling. Casual and Cozy!

Linda and the band performed flawlessly and the acoustics were out of this world. One of my favorite moments was when Linda stopped Billy as he was playing an intro. She said she had a dedication to do and couldn’t think of what song to dedicate------till that very moment.

She went on to introduce all of us to a gentleman named Ralph who just retired.  He was there with 23 of his coworkers and friends. Linda had Ralph stand and the house lights came on. Linda began to sing “AT LAST.” Awesome! The audience really embraced Ralph and Linda in this moment.

Toward the end of the show Linda said she had two more songs and then she addressed Ralph again, wishing him all the best. What a special person Linda is… so giving!!

After the show I waited to have Linda sign a CD for me. I have done this quite a few times before. I surprise myself with how shy I get.  I go completely blank. I simply say, Thank you! And you all now know what that “Thank You” means to me.

Thanks to all that make each show so much fun. Thanks to the dedicated fans.  Thanks to Ellen and Amanda for their hard work putting together updates and keeping us all linked.

Most of all, Thank YOU, Linda Eder, for being so down to earth and sharing so much of you with us. Most of all Thank You for putting music back into my life. See you in August… if not before.

Linda Skidmore from New York writes…

Linda with Fan Linda Skidmore

It was a cold and windy night, with snow and ice on the ground, but when Linda Eder stepped out on stage for the Staller Center Gala 2015, springtime arrived! The concert was a sellout due to the popularity of “the two powerhouse voices” of Michael Feinstein and Linda Eder. Each artist sang several songs individually and a few duets.

Linda came out first singing, “Looking Through the Eyes of Love” from the movie “Ice Castles.” This is the first song she sings in her show, “A Walk Down Memory Lane.” All of us Eder fans are very familiar with it, and it’s such a beautiful way to start a concert. Her voice is so pure and she hits the high notes with such ease. She continued with “Blue Skies” and again delighted the audience. The couple sitting next to me was not familiar with Linda but by the end of her set, they were fans! At this point, Linda stopped and introduced herself telling us she has been doing shows like this “since I got out of high school at 27.” The audience laughed and she quickly stated, “Just checking.” How could anyone not listen to Linda Eder?

Linda’s next selection was from the first Broadway show she ever saw off, off, off Broadway in her hometown in Minnesota. The song was “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina” from the TONY award winning musical “EVITA.” I remember when Patti LuPone played that role and found the music from the show difficult to sing. She said she had to will herself to hit the high notes in each performance. This is never a problem for Linda Eder! I saw the original Broadway production so many times and I have heard Linda sing it many times. What seemed like an intro to a death march in “EVITA” appears more like a love song between a woman and her country when Eder sings it. The lyric is the same but the emotion one feels is totally different. I love Linda’s rendition of the song.

Linda always tells the story of how the next song almost ruined her career when the piano player started it five keys higher than it should have been. She worked her way down that night in “Sam, You Made the Pants Too Long.” Now she just works it her way and it’s always a hit!
I recently attended a middle school production of “The Sound of Music” and I was surprised that the girl who played Mother Abbess was the tallest girl in the cast. Makes me smile when Linda talks about this being the musical she did in her senior year and wanted so badly to be Maria; but because she was “seven feet tall,” they had another role in mind for her.  Her next song, “Climb Every Mountain,” sounds like an angel is delivering it from God. And with this being the 50th anniversary of “The Sound of Music,” what a great song to have in one’s repertoire. By the way, the middle school student singing it did a decent job.

Linda ended her solo performance with “Man of LaMancha.” She gets feisty in this piece and you can tell that she enjoys singing it. This song seems to come near the end of her performances, and her voice is still so strong and vibrant as she really hits some high notes! I love that she chooses to do a song that only men have recorded, and her voice is far superior to anyone I’ve ever heard sing it!

Enter Michael Feinstein! This was my first time seeing him live and when he first walked on stage to greet Linda, I thought she just might be seven feet tall! They did a duet, “Stormy Weather/When the Sun Comes Out.” Linda sang the 1933 song “Stormy Weather” as beautiful as ever. When she got to the line, “It’s raining all the time… she quickly sang “snowing” right after raining. So appropriate for this past winter! It seemed that Linda was ready to do another song but Michael told her not until the end of the show, so she had to exit the stage! As she walked off, Michael called her “one of the greatest singers in life” and that he was happy to share the stage with her.

Michael Feinstein is a superb musician and entertainer! I enjoyed his arrangements of “Luck Be A Lady/All I Need Is the Girl” The audience learned a few things about him such as… Fred Astaire is his favorite singer, he played for Frank Sinatra, and has worked with Rosemary Clooney and Liza Minnelli. He also sang the classic “Time After Time” as he accompanied himself on piano.

When he sang “Hello Dolly” he actually began it sounding like Louie Armstrong. He continued with “The Way You Look Tonight,” which always reminds me of the movie, “My Best Friend’s Wedding.” Michael sang “What Kind of Fool Am I?” and a very spirited version of “Great Balls of Fire.” This number had the audience clapping along. When he finished, he asked the audience what they thought. An older lady up front responded, “I didn’t fall asleep!”

And finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Linda Eder returned! They sang a lovely duet of “I’d Rather Leave While I’m in Love.”
After leaving the stage, they reappeared for one last song together.

Since this was Stony Brook’s Gala Event for 2015, there was no meet and greet or CD signing by Linda in the lobby. Instead there was a Gala Benefit Reception for season ticket holders. As we walked out of the building with hundreds of others, my final thought was… the music tonight at the Staller was stellar!

Oh, and just for the record, my favorite singer in the universe is Linda Eder.

Todd Bulmash and Marissa Hockfield from Illinois write…

Linda and Fans Marissa Hockfield and Todd Bulmash

There was an article in the Chicago Tribune a few days before Linda’s performance at Dominican University in River Forest, Illinois, that said Linda doesn’t come around often enough. We couldn’t agree with that statement more. We always wait with much anticipation in the days and weeks leading up to one of Linda’s concerts.  With this performance, Linda did not disappoint.

The university invited Linda to sing as part of their annual gala that raises scholarship money for the students involved in the arts. It was great to be part of such a fun event. As the show began, we could tell that the Lund Auditorium of the university’s Performance Arts Center was the perfect place for Linda to sing. The acoustics in the theatre made each high note soar and every held note ring.

As Marissa said, “The concert was one of the best Linda concerts I’ve ever attended. Linda sounded so clear, powerful and spot on.” Todd added that “Linda was in perfect voice that evening.  While I have been to many Linda concerts over the years, this one was utter perfection in every way.”

Recalling our favorite moments from the night, Marissa said hers was when Linda sang “Vienna.” “It’s always been one of my favorite songs, and I couldn’t help but mouth the words along with her,” she said. For Todd, he said he always gets a chill when he hears the words, “Will you welcome to the stage, Linda Eder.” “There is something so exciting about seeing Linda each time she steps out onto the stage to sing her first note and an extreme sense of satisfaction after she cuts off her last.” Another part that stood out to Marissa was how long Linda held so many notes. “Her voice seemed to just continue forever,” she said.

After the concert Linda had a meet and greet that the university arranged, but we were so grateful that she took time to say hello to us too.

The next day another article appeared in the Chicago Tribune. This time, the article was a review that sang Linda’s praises. As many people have said, Chicago loves Linda. We hope that she continues to come here year after year and when she does, all those butterflies and feelings of anticipation will once again make their way to the pit of our stomachs – it’s really a wonderful feeling!

Lou Cabibi from Florida writes…

Linda and Fan Lou Cabibi

Last year, Linda came to the Eissey Theatre in West Palm Beach and treated a full house to the then new Memory Lane Show. It was full of songs that paved the way for Linda's amazing career. It was a great new show with an array of songs that we hadn’t heard Linda perform before. Luckily it is all captured on the Live in Concert CD.

Last night was that same Memory Lane Show but with all new arrangements and song styles changed, some very subtle and some very noticeable. It was clear that this was an all “new” show! Only as Linda can do, it was fresh, like we’ve never heard the songs before. Never would Linda show any signs of complacency singing the songs Linda is known for singing for years. We all still love hearing them in concert.

She was a 90 minute powerhouse! Linda looked and sounded as amazing as ever.
The venue was sold out of course, and after the show the lobby was packed. I did get a chance to say a quick hello and get a selfie with Linda, always being her gracious self.

Since moving from New York, I don’t get to see Linda in concert as much as I used to, but she does comes to Florida at least once a year and that will have to suffice. But I won’t lie. It is difficult going through Linda withdrawal! Until next year, which will be my 16th year being a Linda Groupie, I will listen to my Linda CDs.

Bryan Daluge from Florida writes…

Music and theatre became a part of my life very early on thanks to my Grandma Carol. I was a very shy child with a troubled family life. I retreated into the realm of make believe to escape. My Grandma used to play the organ to escape her troubles, and I used to admire her for that. In a house full of chaos and abuse, she found a way to find peace. I soon found the inner peace that music brings to a soul. 

The two of us used to watch musicals on PBS together. She dragged me to my first audition and encouraged me to pursue a life in entertainment. Years later, Grandma called me one day asking if I had seen the commercial for Jekyll & Hyde. I had not yet seen it. “You have to hear this woman sing,” she said. I finally saw the commercial and agreed! I ran out and bought the 2-disc Jekyll & Hyde immediately and was taken with Lucy, the hooker with a heart of gold! 

When I purchased my tickets for the pre-Broadway tour, I could only hope that the “voice” that I had fallen in love with was going to be performing the role on stage. To my joy... she was! I remember being swept away by the show, but really connected with Linda's honest performance. I became an instant fan of Linda's that night. I mean she sounds better live than a studio recording. 

Like many, I faced a series of dark and hard times. Cliché though it may sound, I found peace in music, Linda's music. Thanks to Linda's voice and her approach to every song, I was inspired to be honest with myself and seek out the acceptance and closure I needed regarding my childhood. I began to write an original musical.  The main character has experiences that mirror my Grandmother's, my mother's, and my own. The earthiness and organic tonal quality for Claudia was inspired by Linda. Fairest the Musical has definitely been through it's growing pains and will continue to do so, but I keep believing the dream is worth the struggle. 

As things were starting to amp up again for Fairest, I received a call from my family asking for help. My brother was facing a huge struggle due to some pretty terrible circumstances, and I was asked to take custody of my nephew, Peyton.  Peyton has adjusted very well to life with me and my partner, but it has taken a lot of work and a lot of Linda's music to get there. Christmas 2014 was our first with him. As is tradition in our home, Linda's Christmas albums come out Thanksgiving night at dinner. Peyton was very quick to gravitate towards her music. So much so, that when I'd switch on the local radio station and a different version of a Christmas song would come on he'd say, “That's not the right way to sing that song!” We actually quoted Frank and Linda's CHRISTMAS THROUGH A CHILD'S EYES on our photo Christmas card. 

I listen to Linda's music in my car often and Peyton being 5 years old, always asks what the songs are about and their titles. He has since memorized some of the songs and even mimics Linda's soft “whisper” of some lyrics. He claims that his favorite song from Linda is “BIG TIME.” He knows that mine is “VIENNA.” “IF I COULD” has become a song that we relate to more and more having Peyton in our lives. It was one that I cried to when we faced a brief custody battle and is one that I pledge to him as my sworn vow!  

I've seen Linda in concert a few times over the years and even met her on a couple of occasions. The first time I met her was soon after Jake was born. Growing up in television and the theatre, I rarely get star struck. But I found myself almost tongue tied the first time I met her and have gotten a little flushed every time since. It's scary to meet someone whom you idolize because you don't know if they are going to live up to how you think they are in person. Linda does not disappoint on the stage or in person talking one on one! 

I had the pleasure of taking my best friend and my nephew Peyton to see her in Clearwater this year. I was so excited to see their every expression! The only thing I regret is that I never had the chance to take Grandma to see Linda. I did however play “IF I SHOULD LOSE MY WAY” at Grandma's funeral. I cannot thank my Grandma enough for introducing Linda into my life. And I'm forever grateful to Linda for bringing so much joy and peace to our lives and the world. 

While in the lobby at the Capitol Theatre in Clearwater, Florida on Thursday night, we were greeted by a wonderful woman named Ellen. We talked for a bit and she met Peyton. This was a welcomed conversation given the fact that Peyton was bubbling over with excitement to be seeing Linda perform! After we took our seats, my nervousness started to grow. I was nervous about the fact that I had brought a five year old boy to see a performer with usually an older demographic, that my best friend was seeing her for the first time, and that I didn’t know how many times would I well up with tears throughout the night.

As the lights dimmed, I held Peyton's hands and could see that he was smiling from ear to ear. As I had predicted, the tears started when Linda began singing “SOMEONE LIKE YOU!” This song now had a new context for me because of Peyton! As Linda began to talk going into “IF I COULD,” I knew I was in for it.  When we had our first custody fight over Peyton, this song was heartbreaking to hear, but after we had succeeded, “IF I COULD” became my vow to him! During Linda's performance of this song, Peyton leaned over from his seat, hugged, kissed me, and said, “I love you.” Not only were there tears, but new and wonderful memories too!

Although Peyton had waited all evening to hear Linda sing his favorite song, “BIG TIME,” he was alert and smiling through it all. She did not perform the song, but that didn't phase him at all. He discovered a new favorite song that came from his favorite movie... “OVER THE RAINBOW!”

As we waited to meet Linda, Peyton became more nervous. Initially he wanted to give her a hug and then asked me if it was ok if he didn't. I told him that it was ok, but asked him, “What if Linda wants a hug from you?” He smiled and turned red.  Peyton politely handed his Linda CD to her to sign. She quickly got down on his level and began to talk with him. He was shy, but always a gentleman. Linda asked him for “help” to stand back up, which he happily assisted her with.

My partner, Kyle, best friend Elf, my nephew Peyton, and myself had an evening that none of us will ever forget. To prove that point, in the car on the way to school the next morning Peyton and I were listening to Linda's Live album. Only literally four strums on the bass, Peyton yelled out, “That's ‘STORMY WEATHER!’” He doesn't just like asking for simple reasons, he actually asks me what the context of the songs are. People say that Peyton is lucky to have me and Kyle, but I always say that we are the lucky ones! And I've always thought myself lucky and blessed to have Linda's music in my life!

Linda meets Little Eder-fan Peyton



Linda and Fan Elf Ficarelli



Elf Ficarelli from Florida writes…

The heart raced, palms clinched in excitement, eyes teared with joy… and that was just from Linda’s opening number. My first Linda Eder concert was one I will never forget, taking me through an emotional journey of memories of first loves and first losses, to the hopes and dreams we all had as kids. Linda took me from “Somewhere Over The Rainbow,” all the way to “Vienna” and showed us that a parent’s love is the strongest love you will ever experience, even if you’re a puppy parent like me.



Leslie and Margi from Florida write…

Linda with Fans Margi and Leslie

On March 19, 2015, we were so excited to be able to hear Linda at the beautiful classic Capitol Theatre in Clearwater, Florida. We had moved to this area from New York City the previous September and were sad to think when we left New York that we would not be able to see and hear Linda as often as we had been able to there.

We started at her amazing performances outdoors in Seaford/Oyster Bay, Long Island several years ago, and saw her at Town Hall, Feinstein’s at the Regency Hotel, Barnes and Noble, St. John’s in Queens, Stonybrook, Long Island, Englewood, New Jersey, and other venues, often more than once at the same venue. Just before we moved away from New York, we were so fortunate to be able to be present in Saratoga, New York, for the recording of Linda’s wonderful live album.

Linda was in unusually fine voice in Clearwater; very relaxed, lively, funny, and poised. She sang many of the songs on her live album, a kind of retrospective of her career, ranging from “Through the Eyes of Love,” “Stormy Weather,” the touching “If I Could,” the deeply moving “More Than Heaven,” and her hallmark “Vienna.” Other fan favorites included “Fernando,” “I Dreamed A Dream” from Les Miserables, “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” from Evita, and, of course, “Someone Like You” from Jekyll & Hyde, a gorgeous and inspiring “Climb Every Mountain” from The Sound of Music, and a rip-snorting, high-energy “Man of La Mancha.”

In our opinion, Linda has rarely sung better. She reached all her high notes effortlessly, showing her amazing breath and tonal control. She was very playful with the audience, who just loved every moment of the show. Billy and the band were great as always, and Billy seemed especially happy to be playing a 1949 Steinway piano (I’m not sure he used his synthesizer at all). From start to finish, there was not a dull or flat moment; Linda was totally in charge of her performance and the audience, leaving everyone totally happy, satisfied, and inspired. The word “awesome” is overused these days, but in Linda’s case it most definitely applies!

Most importantly for us on the personal level, we felt like hearing Linda that night was a kind of settling in, a homecoming of sorts for us. It meant so much to us to be able to hear our most beloved singer here in our new home, and to have the concert be so totally amazing from start to finish.

Thank you from our hearts, Linda, We can’t wait to see you next March closer to home in Sarasota… we’ve already got our tickets!

Judi Baxter from California writes…

The show opened with Linda singing “Through The Eyes of Love,” and the audience was filled with love for this fabulous lady who mesmerizes her audience every time!  The magic continued as she did some of the songs she’s most remembered for but added some new ones that she put her own mark on. My particular favorites were “Someone Like You,” “If I Could,” “At Last,” and my all-time favorites that she’s so well known for… “Vienna” and “Man of La Mancha.”

Every time I go to a Linda Eder concert, I bring someone new along who has never heard Linda before, and every time they leave the theater spellbound. Years ago a friend insisted I go see “Jekyll & Hyde” at the McCallum. I only went to please her but left a devoted fan of Linda’s forevermore!! She is who she is and doesn’t pretend to be anyone else, and the audience loves her for that. She’s one of us and we can’t wait until she comes back again!

Lauryn Stewart from California writes…

Top: Linda with Fan Lauryn Stewart
Bottom: Linda and Lauryn's Mom, Carol


















The McCallum Theatre is such an amazing venue for Linda to play! She packs in the crowd and her voice soars beautifully into the high ceilings. Concert time was 8 p.m. and we had third row seats on the left side of the stage. Linda was right on time. She walked out wearing a black pant suit with a sparkly red shirt underneath. She looked gorgeous as she always does. 

Linda did her Walk Down Memory Lane show starting with “Through the Eyes of Love.” Of course, us Lindaholics know that was the song she sang while on Star Search. Linda sang many songs from her past from when she was a teenager, to songs from Jekyll & Hyde as well as other various musicals that she was in or went to see when she was young. Some of those songs are “Someone Like You” from JEKYLL & HYDE, “Don't Cry For Me Argentina” from EVITA, one of her favorite musicals and the first one she went to see. She also sang “Climb Every Mountain,” a song Linda sung back in high school while playing Mother Abbess. She wanted to play Maria, but being “seven feet tall” as she describes herself, her teacher said Mother Abbess was a better role for her. 

The reason I like this show is because it gives people like myself who were too young to see Linda in JEKYLL & HYDE or to even know who she was, a chance to really experience who Linda Eder is! She tells funny and interesting stories from her past that will make you laugh till you cry. Her energy on stage is so fun to watch! Linda's voice reaches levels that no singer these days can touch! There is no one like Linda! She has the biggest heart, the biggest voice and an awesome personality!

I got the chance to talk to Linda after the show. She is so sweet and loves her fans so much! After singing for almost two hours, Linda took the time to meet, take pictures and sign autographs for all of her fans! If you ever have the chance to see Linda in concert, go! You won't be disappointed. 

March 25th 2015 Set List 

“Through the Eyes of Love”
“Blue Skies”
“Stormy Weather”
“I'm Not Lisa” 
“Someone Like You”
“The Mad Hatter”
“On The Street Where You Live”
“I Dreamed A Dream “
“Sam You Made The Pants Too Long”
“If I Could” 
“At Last” 
“Don't Cry For Me Argentina” 
“More Than Heaven” 
“Climb Every Mountain” 
“Over The Rainbow”

David Robinson from California writes…

Broadway comes to The Desert! For that matter, Broadway, Jazz, Swing, Country and even a little Soft-Shoe comes to The Desert by way of Linda Eder in her one- woman show for one night only at The McCallum Theatre in Palm Desert on Wednesday, March 25, 2015. Linda performed her Memory Lane concert to a packed house. Not only did this concert conjure up memories for Linda; it did for me, as well. But, unfortunately, the memories for me were rather bittersweet, as I had to enjoy the concert alone. My best friend was unable to accompany me. You see, she is dying. She has but a short time left with us. This is the woman who brought music into my life.  She is the one that encouraged me to take years of vocal lessons, driving me to many of those lessons. She was the one who gave me support through numerous community and regional musical productions. And she accompanied me to countless shows, Broadway or otherwise. And somehow, Linda knew all this. For her song selection brought certain memories of our times together.

Linda began her show with “Through the Eyes of Love.” Who doesn’t remember our introduction to Linda Eder on the television show Star Search? While her reign was undefeated, if she were to have sung the ballad on the show as she did this evening, they would have simply crowned her the winner then and there. Next, evoking memories of my experiences enjoying Broadway productions with my friend, was Linda’s return to her iconic Broadway role in Jekyll & Hyde singing “Someone like You.” This rendition sounded more glorious and emotional than it originally did. Linda soon followed this with our favorite from Les Miserables, “I Dreamed a Dream” - the lyrics for me being more poignant than ever. Before singing her next Broadway hit, Linda explained that it was from the first musical production she had seen. Oddly enough, it was the first Broadway production my friend and I had seen. Linda’s version of “Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina” from Evita demonstrated such range and control; Ms. LuPone would have certainly been envious. Linda ended the evening with two of our favorite selections… “Man of La Mancha,” which we saw her perform at Carnegie Hall in My Favorite Broadway: The Leading Ladies, and finally, “Somewhere over the Rainbow.” And, who doesn’t have fond memories of this iconic ballad?

All in all, for me the show was near perfect. It would have been truly perfect if my best friend, my mother, were able to share in the memories Ms. Eder’s ethereal voice evoked. But that is no longer to be. So, to my mother I say, I love you. And may you go in peace.