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Students of Celia Cruz Bronx High School of Music with Linda Eder

There is not a day that passes when Linda doesn’t think of how fortunate she is to have been blessed with so many wonderful gifts. Although it is her incredible voice for which she is best known, Linda is gifted in so many areas. Her wide range of talents knows no bounds. Linda doesn’t take these gifts for granted. She is very appreciative of all that she has been given, and in turn she has generously shared her gifts with the world in many ways.

Over the years, Linda has touched the hearts and souls of countless people with her recordings and “live” performances, but her impact stretches far beyond. Through face to face conversations and social media, she has been told over and over again by people what her music has meant in their lives and how meeting her and speaking with her has left a lasting impression on them. Linda is not just an entertainer who takes the stage, performs a set list of songs, and goes home. She has the ability to open her own heart and soul on stage and to genuinely connect with her audience members during her performances and when she meets them after shows. This is truly a special gift, and one that will be very important in Linda’s latest ventures.

It is Linda’s amazing talent combined with her ability to genuinely connect with people on a personal level that has led Linda to pursue something brand new. In recent years, she has discovered another natural gift that was always there within her but not yet fully recognized. That gift is the ability to teach… to share all she has learned along the way in her career with students of all ages who are eager to learn from the best. A whole new career has successfully taken off as she is now giving private voice lessons as well as teaching Masters Classes around the country.

What makes Linda special as a teacher is that she is a genuinely kind and caring person. Combine that wonderful asset with her ability to connect with people on a truly personal and deeper level and there you have it… a recipe for success! In her private lessons, she is afforded an opportunity to learn a little more about the person to connect their singing to what is deep within their hearts. In her Master Classes, Linda is able to do the same thing on a smaller scale in the brief time she spends with individual students.

The response to Linda’s latest ventures has been incredible. Everyone comes away with an appreciation of her positive and down-to-earth approach and with a concrete understanding of what they need to work on to improve. Her students have expressed feeling better about themselves and hopeful for their future. They also truly appreciate having a better understanding of how to connect what’s deep inside of them with their singing. Many have said they feel like they are better people for having worked with Linda as well as better singers. Linda’s students have also expressed coming away inspired after their experience with Linda. What an invaluable gift from a truly amazing and gifted teacher!

Lisa Gwasda and her students from the Celia Cruz Bronx High School of Music have written about their experience of attending a Master Class with Linda, as has Marilyn Olsen, and Livia Tedesco has told of her special private lesson and the impact Linda has had on her.


February 28, 2014 is a day that the young singers at the Celia Cruz Bronx High School of Music and their teacher, Lisa Gwasda, will not soon forget! Excitement filled the air and the recital hall as students warmed up waiting for Ms. Eder to arrive for her master classes with them. It was hard for them to believe that the same singer their teacher grew up admiring was now coming to work with them! 

After working on the musical medley of “Jekyll & Hyde,” they were eager to perform it for the original Broadway cast member, Linda Eder. Ms. Eder welcomed the students with applause and kind words, and she jumped right into coaching. Her ability to relate to the students and to make them right at home with her made this experience even more special. 

Some of those lucky students have written about this experience with Linda and what it meant to them.

Linda and Brianne Carson

Brianne Carson (Alto) writes…

“Working with Linda Eder was a very good and calming experience for me! She taught me not to always sing “pretty.” Having such a powerful voice, I shouldn't think too much about how I think people would want me to sing, but how I feel I should sing it, and let it all go!”

Valerie Zayas (Soprano) writes...

“Working with Linda Eder for 10-15 minutes really boosted my confidence when it
comes to singing. She is such a beautiful woman with an amazingly beautiful voice and although it was a short time, she taught me a lot! I practice from time to time on my breathing because after the master class, she made me want to make something and go somewhere with my voice. I really do appreciate the fact that she took the time to come help my classmates and me with our singing. Thank you, Ms. Eder, for everything!”

Linda and Valerie Zayas

Iyana Garcia (Soprano) writes...

“I would like to thank you for the wonderful master class and for your advice! 
We were so lucky to have you attend our school! You are a very inspiring person. You are also a very amazing singer and I love your songs! My favorite is “Someone Like You.” You are a role model for me, and I want you to know that. When I met you, I could not stop talking about it! I love your new Christmas Album! You are a truly inspiring person and I will never forget the day I met Linda Eder!”

Lisa Gwasda, Choir Director, writes…

“I cannot begin to express how grateful I am to Linda, who came and spent her day with my students. I am lucky enough to have been inspired by her when I was their age, and it changed my life. Watching her take them to the next level was incredible. Teachers, choir directors, and singers, I could not encourage you more to take a class with Linda Eder! So much of this business is about being inspired, and nobody does that better than Linda Eder. We hope to welcome her back again soon! Thank you, Linda, from Lisa Gwasda and the students at the Celia Cruz Bronx High School of Music.”

Marilyn Olsen (two-time master class attendee as well as Linda’s private voice student) from Connecticut writes…

Linda and Marilyn Olsen

I had the great privilege of meeting Linda Eder at a master class that she taught in Connecticut last year. I was one of the lucky singers to be coached by her and was struck by how down-to-earth and approachable she is. I have since been studying privately with her, and credit some of my recent stage opportunities to our work together. Linda came to northern Connecticut again last week for another master class, and this time I sat as an observer. My early impressions of her wonderful approach have only been underscored with each session I have had with her. She has a true gift of getting to the heart of what each individual needs and is also committed to keeping her approach to vocal technique understandable and useful. She doesn’t use a lot of jargon, just simple, straightforward advice and is inventive in ways to help singers to “get out of their own way.” Even without working personally, I was again inspired and energized by watching her work with other singers. She is supportive, kind and patient, but is also frank in letting a singer know when something isn’t working. She inspires trust with her manner and helps each one working to have something concrete to bring home with them. She entertained questions at the end of the evening and was generous with her time afterward, taking pictures and chatting with all who were interested. I really can’t over emphasize how talented she is as a teacher as well as her amazing vocal ability. Thanks Linda, can’t wait for our next lesson! Oh, and best of luck with the live album concert!

Livia Tedesco writes...

Linda and Livia Tedesco

I recently had a dream come true and got to meet with one of my biggest singing Idols, Linda Eder, for a personal voice lesson! For years, I have been a huge fan of Linda Eder, ever since the very first time I saw her perform in the original Jekyll & Hyde on Broadway. From her very first song, her very first note, I leaned forward in my chair and was just in awe of her talent and poise on stage and dreamed of being a singer and performer one day. I loved the show so much and quickly began to study every song from the show and began following her career. I love her style, her expression through singing, the feeling that I get when I listen to her tell a story through a song.

For the past 15 years, I’ve been singing and performing for private events and corporate events all over the tri-state area and abroad. I have always enjoyed performing songs from Linda Eder at my events. Recently, I went to see Linda Eder performing at the Mayo Performing Arts Center in Morristown, NJ, where she reunited with the original cast of Jekyll & Hyde for a mini reunion. I was fortunate to get to meet Linda for the first time with her special guests from Broadway, Robert Cuccioli and Christiane Noll. That was amazing to say the least! I was quite a bit star struck at first, but she is very down to earth. It was such a thrill to finally meet her!

I recently read on Linda’s website about the opportunity to have a one on one class with her, and I quickly sent in my request. I shortly after received notice about meeting with her and made my appointment. I was so excited to have that personal time with her. I have read all amazing things about her teaching and couldn’t wait for my opportunity. After my class with her, I was even more in awe of her and have the utmost respect for her talent and knowledge. She made me feel so at ease singing in front of her and spent the time that we had to really pinpoint the things that would help me to improve my abilities. Everything she said was in such a positive way to help me see what I needed to work on to make myself better. She helped me to be more aware of things I had never even realized. I definitely plan to sign up for a follow-up skype class with her in the future to continue to work on things for me. 

Linda made me see the importance of all the factors that go into singing and emitting a song to an audience and seeing the effect it can have on them when you really can keep their interest. These are all the things why I love watching her. When she sings, I pay attention. I am drawn in and hang on every word. Working with Linda, she was so giving of teaching how you too can learn to command people with your voice and your performance. I’ve always known what an incredibly amazing talent she is as a singer, but now I see even more with all her knowledge why she is the professional that she is. Thank you, Linda!




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