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On the evening of June 9, 2014, Linda headlined a show titled “Night After The Tonys” at the John Anson Ford Amphitheatre in Los Angeles, California. She was joined for this performance by Constantine Maroulis and The COMPANY MEN. Longtime Eder-fan and one of Linda’s Voice Students, Lauryn Stewart, was in the audience and has shared her memories of the night with Linda’s fans…

Linda and Lauryn Stewart

It had been eight months since I had seen Linda in concert, which if you ask me is WAY too long! I was really excited about this show because I knew she would incorporate different songs from JEKYLL & HYDE. I was hopeful for “Dangerous Game” as one of the choices. When I heard Constantine Maroulis was going to be there, the likelihood of hearing “Dangerous Game” heightened.

The show opened with an all-male mash-up group called The Company Men. They combined the hits of today with the beats and music of yesterday. Then Constantine came on and did a set of his own. He hinted that he may be back later, to which the whole audience cheered!

Linda did pretty much the same set as her Walk Down Memory Lane show. She added a few different songs for this particular show. She started with “Looking Through the Eyes of Love,” and as we all know, this was one of the songs she performed while she was on Star Search. She performed this beautifully as she always does. Next she performed about the weather with “Blue Skies” and “Stormy Weather.” I always like hearing “Blue Skies” because it is a song that Linda sings so well! Next song she did was “I’m Not Lisa,” the song she used to sing at her father’s restaurant when she was young. This song is so sad to me because you can hear and feel all of the emotion hanging on every note Linda sings. This next song is one of those songs Linda describes as, “If I don’t sing certain songs, I hear about it on the internet!” The song was “Someone Like You.” Of course, this song is a major crowd pleaser.

Linda on stage

She went into the “Mad Hatter” and then the power ballad from LES MISERABLES, “I Dreamed a Dream.” From there she sang the song called “Sam, You Made the Pants Too Long.” The story for this song comes from when Linda first started to do shows. She didn’t realize that you could tell people the key you wanted the song played in. On this particular song, the pianist pitched it five keys too high, so Linda just went with it and worked her way down key by key. Next came a song dedicated to all of the parents in the audience, a song called “If I Could.” This is another song where you can feel each note that comes out of Linda’s mouth because it is just dripping with emotion. She kicked it into high gear with the next song. She performed it with her amazing guitarist Peter Calo. I had actually never heard this song before. It was called “Fernando” by ABBA. I never thought I would hear Linda do an ABBA song because the styles are so different. This just proves how versatile she truly is. She can sing ANYTHING!

The next song hit home for me. When I was doing one of my lessons with Linda, I decided to take on this particular song. I had heard her sing it live a while back, but I wanted her to teach me how to sing it. It’s from one of my all-time favorite musicals and from one of the first musicals Linda saw, EVITA, and the song was “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina.” I actually cried while watching her sing this. First time I have ever cried at a Linda concert. I guess it was because Linda had taught me how to sing this song, how to add emotion to words and how to belt out the ending. I’m still in shock that the Linda Eder is one of my vocal coaches. She went on to do “More Than Heaven” and THE SOUND OF MUSIC’s“Climb Every Mountain.”

Linda and Constantine Maroulis
performing "Dangerous Game"

The next song made all of my dreams come true. She actually sang “Dangerous Game.” However, she had to restart. Apparently there was some miscommunication between her crew and Constantine. Needless to say, he missed his cue. Linda got to Constantine’s part of the song and… no Constantine. She continued and then finally said, “Stop, stop, where are you?” Constantine popped his head from behind the curtain and Linda said, “You missed your cue.” The song ended up sounding amazing. The only issue was the version Linda is used to singing is different from Constantine’s version he sang while doing the show on Broadway. The words didn’t all match up, and it was a little weird, but still very cool to hear. Linda also said she felt like a cougar, which was quite funny. I would say the performance was pretty hot!

Linda went on to do “Charade,” and she messed up during the first verse because she was laughing so much. She recovered nicely as she always does; she moved on to another song that if she doesn’t sing she will hear about it on the internet. Of course we all know this song as “Vienna.” I always love hearing this song! She moved on to do “Man of La Mancha.” She really lets it fly in this song, making all sorts of funny noises and really getting the audience to its feet. She tried to do some dancing in this number, but she explained that she had twisted her ankle during sound check and wasn’t going to attempt anything crazy. The song ended with a bang, tons of streamers and confetti shot over the audience. Of course, we all raced to grab a piece! Then it was time for the last song of the night, a time I am always saddened by. Linda always says she saves this song for last, because she can never sing anything after. It is just that emotional for her. There was a really cool moment in “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” She was right at the end where she says, “If happy little blue birds fly beyond the rainbow,” and then all of a sudden, a streamer fell from the top of the stage. It almost fell in slow motion and had such an ethereal journey to the stage floor right in front of Linda. She smiled gracefully and continued, “Why, oh why, can’t I.” She ended to a standing ovation, just as she deserved.

We continued to the VIP party held at California Canteen about five minutes from the venue. This by the way was my first outdoor Linda concert, and I really enjoyed it. The venue was great and they recorded the whole show, so fingers crossed they will air it on TV. This was also the first concert when my mom actually met Linda and took a picture with her! At the party they had food set up for us and a bunch of tables. The lady of the hour finally arrived; we formed a line to take pictures with her. Finally I got my turn, and she welcomed me with open arms as she remembered me from the other times I have met her and, of course, taking voice lessons with her. I asked her how she twisted her ankle. She said the stage was graded, meaning slanted, and her four inch heals just didn’t agree with the stage. Her foot slipped to the side and that was pretty much the end. She said normally the shoes were comfy, just not that night. We chatted a little bit more. I wished her luck with her live CD recording she had coming up, took some pictures and went home listening to nothing but Linda the whole drive home. She never ceases to amaze me with her generosity towards her fans and her never ending talent. She will always be my favorite singer!

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