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Warmer weather has finally arrived on the east coast of the United States – and along with it – Linda’s recent announcement of recording a Live concert CD this coming June. Fans are buzzing with excitement! This summer promises to be bright, sunny and filled with wonderful (LIVE!) music! We thought now would be the perfect time to take one last look at what certainly felt like an endless winter – but at least we had Linda’s music to keep us warm!

Winter is the best time for Linda to have shows booked in sunny, warm Florida, and January of 2014 was no exception! She was able to spend a few days relaxing in the sun before her Master Class in Palm Beach Gardens followed by shows from coast to coast... across the state to Sarasota, back across to Palm Beach Gardens, and across again to Largo. Florida fans were thrilled with these opportunities to see Linda in concert and to meet her after the shows. Laura Burget attended Linda's show in Sarasota back in January and has written of the experience and her love for Linda.

Linda with Fan Laura Burget

Laura Burget from Maryland writes…

Linda's Concert in Palm Beach Gardens provides another memorable experience!

What a treasure we have in Linda Eder!! I am yet again overcome by my latest experience of attending Linda's concert in West Palm Gardens, FL. I am not a novice when it comes to attending Linda's concerts and as I've written before, I refer to them as the “Linda Eder Experience.” I am closing in on being in attendance for 30 concerts and I have already ordered my tickets for her April
3, 2014 concert at Wolf Trap in Vienna, VA. That will be much closer to my Maryland home.

I've had the pleasure of bringing many friends and relatives to Linda's concerts, and they have become big fans! I have been the recipient of much joy as each sits in awe watching the magnificently talented, funny, relaxed and extremely humble lady performing before them! I have also had the extreme honor of being able to first meet and then greet Linda 4 times!

As a matter of fact, I always addressed and wrote about Linda as Ms. Eder until seeing her in East Hampton, NY. It was at that time that I thanked “Linda” as I was departing. I turned back and said, “That's the first time I've ever called you Linda.” She said, “I prefer that.” So it's been Linda ever since. Linda does that to you. She makes you feel like she's singing right to you and that there's not another soul in the room. In addition to that Linda looks right into your eyes when she talks to you. She has never been dismissive as I've watched her interact with each admiring fan and experienced it for myself. I feel Linda's graciousness, humility and humanity as she is talking to me just like I feel her emotions as she sings each song!
Attending Linda's concert in Florida came about in a most interesting way. My cousin and I had begun to reconnect through Facebook and then began talking on the phone. She saw my pictures of previous concerts and when my cousin called me she heard Linda's voice through my ring back tone. My cousin noticed that Linda had several concert dates coming up in Florida. The closest was a little over 2 hours away. She invited me to come down and spend some time with her husband and herself and said she'd like to attend the concert with me in West Palm Gardens. I was thrilled with the opportunity to see my cousin and also get to attend Linda's concert together. It was my cousin's first “Linda Eder Experience” and I couldn't wait. But I had to wait because it was approximately 4 months away.

Last Friday the concert date finally arrived and what a special night it was! My cousin sat speechless as Linda soared through her “Memories.” We both got goosebumps as Linda sang “Don't Cry For Me Argentina,” “Climb Every Mountain,” and “Man of La Mancha.” We were just as enthralled as Linda took us back to the first song she performed, “I'm Not Lisa,” to the song she jokingly said was almost her last in “Sam, You Made the Pants Too Long.” Linda had us both in tears singing the emotional “If I Could,” “More Than Heaven,” and my favorite, “Someone Like You.” She ended the evening with “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” to a rousing ovation! We all knew what a treasure we had just witnessed singing all of these songs and many I didn't mention!

I asked my cousin if she would like to meet Linda hoping she would say yes! She said, “Absolutely” and toward the line we headed. Linda was so kind talking to each person, signing her autograph and posing for pictures. I purchased one of my favorite CDs for both my cousin and myself. Linda talked to me with all the grace, humility and humanity I had experienced remembering that she signed a shirt for me “up north” when I missed a concert of hers while away on vacation. I now have a CD signed to accompany many other items in the shadow box I have for Linda's memorabilia. Linda was very sweet to my cousin who told her that “although this was her first concert, it wouldn't be her last.”

Linda is the finest entertainer I have ever had the pleasure of listening to and then seeing live, in person! Linda also has that infectious personality as she relates stories with humor and an ease which makes the audience feel that way. I have never taken for granted the treasure Linda Eder is to me and all of us!

New York area fans once again welcomed Linda to 54 Below for three nights and showed her how much they love her. The wildly enthusiastic audiences enjoyed Linda at her finest and let her know by their cheers, applause and standing ovations.

One fan was overjoyed to see Linda live. Her name is Genevieve Shi, and she had only heard Linda's recordings in her native China. In fact, she had only been in the United States since September studying musical theatre at NYU. She is a true "newbie," and her words will tell you how much seeing Linda perform and meeting meant to her.

Linda with Fan Genevieve Shi

Genevieve Shi from China and currently a student at NYU writes…

The night spent with Linda Eder at 54 Below was unforgettable! I listened to Linda's music online every weekend night when I was in China. Her recording of "Jekyll & Hyde" made me fall in love with this show and Lucy became one of my dream roles. The way she interprets Lucy is so different from the other Lucys I heard before. “Bring on the Men” is my favorite. I’m totally obsessed! 

Linda brought so much humor and happiness to all the audience. She's such a funny and lovely human being. These are things I can't know from her recordings, but I knew these qualities after I saw her perform in person. Her voice touched me deeply and my tears were flowing when I sat there listening to her. She's a singer who sings with her life and soul. She filled every word with rich emotion and she touched my heart. I remember when she sang “but if someone like you found someone like me,” she was not just singing. She was sighing, communicating and telling stories to us, and I could feel her expectations, love and sorrow. Wow! It was so beautiful! 

Linda's high notes are breathtaking… not just belting voice, but also her charming head voice. I always thought people may lose their emotion and color of the music when it comes to difficult high, high notes, but Linda didn't. She leads me to her wonderful musical world through these songs, and I became so vulnerable with her.

I love all the songs she brought to the concert. She sang as a pain-filled woman who desires for hope when she sang “I Dreamed a Dream. “Then all of a sudden she became a powerful woman who can conquer all the men when the music changed to up-tempo. It was like she was changing from fragile crystal to burning fire. How can she be so fabulous!

Linda is so inspirational! I'm so grateful to get a chance to listen to her in person and talk to her. I'll keep her words to me in heart forever. Thanks, Linda!


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