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Town Hall

Linda Eder at Town Hall
The Eighth Annual Broadway Cabaret Festival at New York City’s Town Hall kicked off its season in grand style on the evening of October 13, 2012. Town Hall is truly a distinctive landmark in a city that boasts of many landmarks, having been designated a National Historic Landmark in 2012 by the National Park Service. How fitting that this would be the venue for a landmark event… the reunion on stage of the original stars of JEKYLL & HYDE, Linda Eder, Christiane Noll and Robert Cuccioli, for Eder’s show, “A New Life.” Fans of each performer, as well as fans of JEKYLL & HYDE, filled the theatre, anxiously anticipating an evening of glorious song!

The night began with muted light as Linda slowly appeared from the shadows while tenderly singing “Sympathy and Tenderness” followed by “Someone Like You” from JEKYLL & HYDE. She appeared radiant in a gorgeous black gown, the first of four fabulous outfits she would don throughout this special evening. With the spotlight now brightly shining on her, Linda went right into the high spirited “Mad Hatter” from the Broadway show, WONDERLAND, followed by the jazzy “Stormy Weather.” With a twinkle in her eye, she enjoyed inviting her bass player to outlast her on a note.

Linda Eder at Town Hall

The already palpable excitement continued to build as Linda turned the spotlight over to Christiane Noll and Robert Cuccioli, who received a very warm reception from the audience. Their performance of “Take Me As I Am” was one of those magical moments that is almost impossible to describe. The final note brought a round of thunderous applause.

Linda returned to the stage and enthralled the crowd with the tender beauty of the title track from her most recent CD, NOW. Following this more operatic selection, she demonstrated her ability to skillfully move from one style of music to another as she showed off her country chops with Patsy Cline’s “Crazy” and “Walking After Midnight.”

Christiane followed Linda’s set with another selection from JEKYLL & HYDE, “Once Upon A Dream,” She held the audience in the palm of her hand with her crystal clear soprano voice. One audience member commented at the end of the evening, “When Christiane performed this song, I could close my eyes and imagine that’s what the angels in heaven sound like.”

Linda Eder at Town Hall

It was time for Linda to again be alone on stage, this time treating the audience to an exquisite rendition of “Falling Slowly” from the movie and current Broadway show, ONCE. At long last, Robert joined Linda on stage and the audience showed its enthusiasm before they even sang a note. They recreated a memorable moment from JEKYLL & HYDE when their characters were beginning to intertwine. They enjoyed playing “A Dangerous Game,” and the audience enjoyed watching and listening as they did.

Linda closed the first segment of her show with an incredible performance of one of her favorite songs, “Anthem” from the Broadway show, CHESS. Her magnificent voice soared to the rafters on this number, leaving the audience very happy that there was more wonderful music in store after intermission.

Linda opened the second half of the show with an upbeat performance of “Charade” from her CD, SOUNDTRACK. In her recent show, “Songbirds,” where she pays homage to some of the greatest female singers of all time, Linda included a young Songbird by the name of Adele. She proceeded to wow the crowd with Adele’s “Someone Like You” and “Rolling In The Deep.”

And then it was time for one of the moments that so many in the audience were awaiting. As soon as Christiane joined Linda on stage, the audience went wild and then a hush fell over the crowd. Everyone knew what was coming… the greatest female duet ever performed on Broadway. Both magnificent voices soared as they sang “In His Eyes” from JEKYLL & HYDE! A thunderous round of applause arose from the enthusiastic crowd as the last note was sung!

With Christiance Noll at Town Hall

Next, Linda chose to perform two very different songs from her recordings. She delivered a rousing “Waiting For The Fall,” her own composition from the CD, THE OTHER SIDE OF ME. She followed with a tender selection, “More Than Heaven” from NOW. She explained that she began dedicating this song to the people of Japan after the devastation caused by the tsunami, and she continues to dedicate it to all people in the world who are suffering for one reason or another.

Linda was just as disappointed as the fans were when “Bring On The Men” was cut from JEKYLL & HYDE before the show opened on Broadway. She explained that they are including it in the revival to the delight of the audience! What fun it was to have Linda and Christiane perform this song together! The audience was “tappin’ and clappin!’”

Finally, it was Robert’s turn to take the stage alone and bring his character of Jekyll/Hyde to life with incredible passion as only he can. Acknowledging the enthusiastic reception that greeted him, he took on his persona and enthralled the crowd with “Alive” followed by a magnificent performance of his signature song, “This Is The Moment.” Wow!

With Robert Cuccioli at Town Hall

Linda followed Robert’s dramatic and spine-tingling performance with another of her signature songs, “A New Life” from JEKYLL & HYDE. The audience showed their appreciation with thunderous applause and one of the numerous standing ovations she received throughout the evening.

In essence, Linda’s performance of “A New Life” brought the show to its climax, but there were two more special moments yet to come. Linda Eder, Christiane Noll and Robert Cuccioli up on stage relaxed and just having fun together! What more could one ask for at the end of a momentous night? They joined voices with a fabulous performance of “Money To Burn” from a Frank Wildhorn show about F. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife, Zelda. This selection provided a moment of just pure fun and “letting go!”

Of course, the evening would not have been complete without Linda’s favorite encore with which she chooses to end her shows. With Billy Stein on piano, the audience was able to enjoy the purity of Linda’s crystal clear voice. A perfect end to a perfect evening!


After the show... together again! And some things never change. ;-)



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